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New ork shooty army list 1500pts

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mekboy with shokk attack gun
mekboy with KFF

12x looters
12x looters
12x looters

20x sluggas + 2x rokkits+p/k nob
20x shootas + 2x big shootas+p/k nob
20x shootas + 2x big shootas+p/k nob
10xgrots + runtherd

skorcha buggy

killer kan- rokkit launcha
5x Flash gitz- more dakka

So I have the new codex and want to make a shooty ork army. The flash gitz are probably silly, but I want to keep at least 5 in as I have some cool conversions I want to use. The buggy is just to block LOS in non escalation games, and the kan is randomly useful. Open to removing for summat better though.

Please dont argue about whether shoota mobs can take p/k nobs as IMO it's pretty obvious they can, especailly as the new ork boyz box set shows a p/k nob leading a shoota mob.

Anyway, all comments/criticisms appreciated!
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first off i think this is pretty solid. the lootas are great and i generally use them to take down light to medium armored vehicles with ease and to piss off tau firewarriors. the killa kans can also provide medium firepower and i like to use them to protect my lines. but i would advise taking another shokk attack gun cuz ap2 can really hurt. i loved seeing the look on my friend's face when i killed all but 5 models in his dark angles all-terminator army in one round of shokk attack ownage. (rolled a str 5 and a str7)

also, i think that u took a little too many shootas. all a player has to do is charge a squad into your shoota mob and because cc blocks los, ur lootas and shokk attack guns can be in trouble. (ive been screwed by winged nids jumping into my shootas and blocking all los untill the hoard came) and because orks were crazy nerfed in cc, they can no longer dominate and can be overrun easily. the pk (which i think is not allowed in shoota squads anyway) would offer some protection, but not enough. but if u play on a big enough board with minimal terrain, then take the shootas, but spread them apart and make sure u have fireing lanes

i would also advise taking a looted wagon. the str8 ap3 can scare the crap out of space marines. ive taken out half a 10 man death company squad with this (and finished with a shokk attack gun). the downside with this is the bad armor, so u have to be carefull where u place it

i dont know why you took the gretchin but i personally like to use them to be within 6 inches of my shokk attack guns to protect the mekboys. because of independant character rules u have to kill all the gretchin before the mekboy.

i also like the los blocking buggy. use it all the time

im sorry if this has come off a bit snobby, but i have based this off of about 25 games with the new codex experimenting with what works and doesnt from lists ranging from 750-2500 pts and 1v1s to 2v2s and 3v3s. ive mainly played against space marine (all chapters), chaos sm, tau, and tyranids. i havent really tried orks against any other armies so my ideas may not be as usefull against say necron, ig, or eldar
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