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You didn't really specify what your boyz were equipped with. I recommend shoota boyz. They get more kills on the way in (and since they're foot slogging, they've got a lot of walking to do), they're less vulnerable to fish o' fury/dire avenger bladestorm with wave serpents, and in close combat they still generally overwhelm the opponent quite effectively. Against squads that will die to your charge the difference is 3 attacks/model to 4. Plenty to get the job done. Against harder squads your nob is gonna be doing most of the work anyhow.

I also highly recommend a warboss on a bike with a power klaw, attack squig and a cybork body. Only str 10 weapons can instant death him, and he's still got a 4+ cover save vs those or a 5+ invuln in cc. All that means is against tau or opponents with demolishers you may have to have him ride around with your warbikers. Otherwise, he's like a carnifex with 7 str 10 attacks on the charge, WS 5, and a 12"/24" move. That's guaranteed to mess some people up. It would also help your bikers with their Ld problems (if you dropped a squad of warbikers you could afford him).

But seriously, this bad boy can charge land raiders and bring em down fairly reliably. Your army also lacks anti-tank punch and he can fit the bill well, even against skimmers.

Throwing some guns on the battlewagons may be a good idea just so that they don't get immobilized on a weapon destroyed result. It would also give them something else to do.
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