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This is my first time mamking an army list for Orks. Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions are appreciated:

1x Warboss - 110 pts
Mega Armor
Cybork Body

1x Mega Nobz (5) - 200 pts

4x Ork Boyz (30) - 230 pts
Big Shootas (3)
Power Klaw

2x Warbikers (6) - 185 pts
Power Klaw

3x Battlewagon - 125 pts
'Ard Case
Deff Rolla

The idea is that I fload the enemy with 120 Boyz charging at them. On the flanks I hit targets of opportunity with my bikers. The Warboss and his Mega nobz ride in one of the Battlewagons. The storyline for his Tribe parallels the Black Templars, so his job is to find the biggest, baddest Boy in the enemy's army and kill it. The Battlewagon's mission is to Tank Shock the enemy to cause damage and disrupt their forces so that they find it more difficult to present a united front against the main force of Boyz.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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