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Snagged this from Warseer:

I'd just like to toss my own info into the batch.

-Yes, the choppa rule is gone. Just ebout every ork including bikers and kommandos get furious charge now though. Shoota boys, slugga boys, and 'ard boyz have been made into a single troop choice, and have dropped in points.

-The Warboss is the same cost, but has T5 and comes with some basic weapon in addition to a wide list of choices ala the new codex format. Taking a warboss allows you to take a unit of nobs as a troop choice instead of an elite choice You no longer need to have your army led by a warboss, Mekboy army 'ere we go!.

-Tank busta boyz have new models, always shoot at vehicles when they can see them, and have some wonderful upgrade options including a tankhammer which is a str 10 two handed weapon in close combat. Squig bombs....?

-Deff koptas are a new option in the standard list now, count as jetbikes with hit and run special rule and can be given a wide range of weapons including a claw which counts as a powerfist and a one use bomb.

-Mega armour nobs and regular nobs each have their own elite entries now and can be taken independent of the warboss. Mega armored nobs have the slow and purposeful rule and have dropped in effective pointcost by 10 points.

-Killa kans have dropped in point cost while dreds and both units weapon options have gone up slightly.

-battle wagons have dropped in points have a ton of new weapon options including. Mini battle cannon anyone?

-many ork weapons have increased their ranges including the zzap gun with has added 12" to its range from last edition.

-Shokk attack gun is in with a great new model and a crazy misfire chart so don't roll doubles.

-Grots are still in the book so don't worry, the little green beasts are here to stay and they can still clear minefields but don't provide cover saves anymore. Squig hounds are still in as well.

-Nazdreg is gone, replaced with some freebooter pirate character with a nasty gun, and armor made of melted golden teeth. Also a wierdboy character with poisoned attacks and a goofy looking model with grots clinging to it.

-ork warbikes have lost their special rules allowing them to shoot as they go into combat.

-lootas and flash gitz are both in, flash gitz have some amazing weapons options including a painboy and cybork bodies.

-no clan rules.

Overall the new book is a godsend despite the new format. As a long time ork player who has been fretting the new book since the dark-angels release, I have to say NONE of my fears of an unbalanced boring book were founded. The new ork book combined with appocalypse may well save GW and keep us all gaming for years to come.
-You may now substitute the size of the mob for you leadership check becoming fearless if over 11 models strong.

-Waaagh: once per battle all infantry units get fleet of foot.

-No more mobbing up.

-Weirdboyz now have a random d6 roll every time they use a psychic power, and let me tell you some of them are fantastic if also very random. You can upgrade the weirdbos to a warphead to give him a chance to re-roll the power.


-Stormboyz have gone down in price, but now you roll a d6 every time they jump and they take a casualty on a roll of 1.

-Taking a big mek as an HQ choice allows you to take a single dred as a troop choice

-burnas count as power weps in CC but get no special pen bonus against vehicles. You cannot fire the burna before CC if you want to use them as power weps.

-They still exist. Grots now have a BS3 which helps when using the big gunz.

-There are six new guns in the list which includes two ord and a bunch of powerful above average strength weapons with random effects. Most of these weapons are restricted to specific units however, as are many of the original weapons from previous edition. Including the rumored str7 gun. My favorite is the snazzgun though, and you'll all see why.

-Waaagh banners give +1 WS to all models in the unit

-Boss poles allow a nob to cause one wound on a unit to reroll a failed ld test.

Orks are going to be one of the most interesting armies in the game. Every unit has a reason to take it, and a role to fill. Nothing needs to be left out because it sucks or another unit is just too good to pass up. The list has tons of checks and balances to keep it from being overpowered, namely the removal of the choppa and the boost to crazy shooting weapons. Ork players and opponents alike will never be bored again. They've also brough tons of the old fluff back, like stormboyz being militant drilling types, and grots piloting killa kans instead of orks. Love love love it...
Since the kan has been opened as it were...here are few more.

Burna Boyz: All orks in the mob now come with burnaz!
Tank Bustas: All orks in the mob have rokkitz. They can use them in HtH 'cause they are on the end of sticks.

Special characters are really interesting in this codex and there are quite a few of them. Some, like Boss Zagstruck are listed as a mob upgrade (GW is really trying to integrate special characters into the army lists). BTW, The Vulcha Boys can now assault the turn they deep strike...did I mention that Stormboys can deep strike?

Lootas have a gun that is kinda like an autocannon, except it gets d3 shots per turn. You roll one die for the whole mob and that's how many shot each boy gets. It could be 10, could be 30!

Taking a warboss as your general lets you take a mob of nobs or mega armoured nobs as troops. Mega armoured nobs are Slow and Purposeful now.

Killa Kans are now piloted by grots. So WS 2 but BS3!

Orks have the closest thing to VDR in the game. But I'm not going say anything more than that...except that looted vehicles as we currently know them are gone.

Shoota is now an Avenger shuriken catapult with AP6.

That's all for today...


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that is alot of new changes, mostly for the better, i say that is an AWESOME new codex. I was thinking of getting Guards or orks for my next army cuz of the low cost and high models, that thread made up my mind.

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Hmmm... might see some ppl going from the ruinious powers to go hop into a junk pile with some orcs... :lol: seriously might just buy this orc 'dex because it sounds awsome :D

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Heres an overall summary from the guys over at the Waaagh! :D


For those not wanting to click on a link...

Army Special Rules:
• Furious Charge
• WAAAGH!!: once per game, call a WAAAGH, entire army gains fleet for that turn. Any unit that rolls a ‘1' for fleet takes a wound, but still acts normally.
• Mob Size: Units of 11 or more orks count as fearless; if any unit fails a Ld check, roll 2d6 and compare the result to the number of orks in the mob- if the result is less than the number of orks, the Ld check is considered passed.

HQ units:
• Warboss: gains T5, special rule “Da Big Boss” allows 1 mob of nobz/meganobz to be taken as troops. Same price, not mandatory or ‘0-1'.
• Wyrdboy(!): stats of nob, and has a chart of 6 psychic powers. At the beginning of each turn you roll a d6 to see which power he MUST use that turn. For 30pts, he may be upgraded to a Warphead, who can re-roll for psychic powers. The powers are as follows:
1. ‘Eadbang: as Frazzle below, but place the template over the wyrdboy.
2. Frazzle: shooting attack that auto-hits with Range=24" S=6 AP=3, assault 1 blast and pinning.
3. Zzap: shooting attack that auto-hits with Range=36" S=10 AP=2, assault 1 and counts as a melta weapon.
4. Warpath: the wyrdboy and any unit he is with gain +1 attack for that turn.
5. ‘Ere We Go!: the wyrdboy and any unit he is with are removed from the table and automatically come in via the Deepstriking rules.
6. WAAAGH!: the wyrdboy and any unit he is with get a free WAAAGH! move (fleet) that does not count as their WAAAGH! for the game.
• Big Mek: has Ld8, special rule “Da Big Mek” allows 1 “Deffdred” (Ork Dreadnought with name change) to be taken as troops. Can take Shokk Attakk Gun (more on that later). Comes with toolz and may take oilers. Slight points increase.

Elites units:
• Nobz Mob: unit of 3-10 Nobs. The mob may take bikes, and WAAAGH! Banners which grant the unit +1 WS (the wording is “any model may take”, with no indication of one per mob!). May take various weapons and equipment. One may be upgraded to a Painboy with Painboss stats, syringe and toolz, and may take orderlies; allows the whole mob to be upgraded with cybork bodies. The mob may take either a trukk or battlewagon as transport.
• Meganobz Mob: unit of 3-10 Mega Armoured Nobs. May take various weapons, and be transported by either a trukk or battlewagon.
• Burnaboyz Mob: unit of 5-15 burnaboyz. All are armed with burnas. Up to 3 may be switched to meks for free, who replace burnas with toolz and oilers and may take kustom mega blastas, force fields, or other stuff.
• Tankbustaz Mob: unit of 5-15 tankbusta boys. All are armed with Rokkits(!). Up to 2 may replace their rokkits with Tankhammers, close combat weapons that allow them to strike with S10. The unit may include 3 Bommsquigs, which when released count as an automatic S8 hit against the nearest enemy vehicle on a 2+, or the nearest vehicle period on a 1. One may be upgraded to a Nob who can take various equipment.
• Lootaz Mob: unit of 5-15 lootas. All are armed with Deffguns, which are heavy d3 autocannons. Up to 3 may be switched to meks for free, as with burnaboyz mobs.
• Kommandoz Mob: unit of 5-15 kommandos. 2 may take heavy weapons, one may be upgraded to a nob. Infiltration, Move Through Cover.

Troops units:
• Boyz Mob: unit of 10-30 boys. 3pt decrease, no choppa (though ‘choppa’ is the term used for c.c.w. throughout the book). 1 in 10 may have a heavy weapon, so you need 30 to get the current standard of 3 (they’re pushing the horde idea here, the bastards pphhtork.gif ), and burnas are no longer an option. One may be upgraded to a nob, who can have various bits. The entire mob may swap its choppa and slugga for shootas for free. Up to 1 mob in the army may be upgraded to ‘Ardboyz. The mob may be transported in a Trukk if it has few enough models.
• Grot Mob: unit of 10-30 grots. Same cost, gain BS 3, lose better footing and living shield but keep mine clearance as “It’s a Grot’s Life”. There must be a 1 to 10 ratio of Runtherds to Grots. Runtherds can take various kinds of equipment, including a new grabba stikk item which reduces the attacks of one enemy model in assault.

Transport units:
• Wartrukk: same stats and small points increase. Can transport up to 12 models, those in mega armour count as 2 a piece. No longer precisely follows the vehicle damage chart; if a ‘vehicle destroyed’ or ‘vehicle explodes’ result is rolled on the regular chart, roll another d6 and consult the chart that follows:
1-2: Kaboom!: the trukk explodes and the orks inside take each a S3 hit, and must test for pinning.
3-4: Kareen!: roll the scatter die and move the trukk 3d6" in the direction indicated (the ork player chooses if a hit is rolled), and then apply the Kaboom result in the new location.
5-6: the vehicle is destroyed, but no models take any wounds and the orks do not have to test for pinning (don’t recall the name).

FA units:
• Stormboyz Mob: unit of 5-20 stormboys. 3pt decrease, and gain fleet of foot (separate from WAAAGH! Rule). One may be upgraded to a nob who can take various weapons.
• Warbikez Mob: unit of 3-12 warbikers. 5pt decrease, Hard to Hit increased to 4+, and have a regular 4+ save. Lose Psycho Blastas. Dakkaguns replace TL-Big Shootas with Range=18" S=5 AP=4, Assault 2. One may be upgraded to a nob who can take various weapons.
• Warbuggies: unit of 1-3 buggies. May be upgraded to trakks, which allows them to re-roll terrain tests. Come with TL-Big Shootas free, which may be upgrade to other weapons.
• Deffkoptaz Mob: unit of 1-5 deffkoptas. Come with TL-Big Shootas, count as Jetbikes, have Hit and Run and Scouts. May upgrade big shootas to rokkits or mega blastas, and may also be equipped with buzzsaws and bigbomms (don’t have the rules for those at present).

HS units:
• Looted Wagon: ork equivalent of a rhino (circa dark angels/blood angels codexes) before upgrades, but open-topped and can transport 12 models. Has special rule “Don’t Press Dat!”, presumably as current breakdown (can’t recall atm). May replace transport capacity for a Boomgun for much increased points (more on that later). May have up to one skorcha, as well as two rokkits or big shootas, in addition to the boomgun. Can take various upgrades.
• Big Guns: unit of 1-3 guns with krew. 10pt decrease for kannons base, which may be upgraded to lobbas or zzap guns. Kannon loses Ordnance rules for shell shot, lobba remains the same, and Zzap gun is now Range=36" and melta. The unit may take up to 3 Ammo Runts.
• Flash Gitz Mob: unit of 5-10 flash gitz. Nob stats, all come with ‘eavy armour and Snazzguns (more on them later). The unit may take More Dakka, Shootier, or Blasta kustom jobs, all of which do the same thing. One flash git may be upgraded to a painboy, who acts the same here as with the Nobz Mob above.
• Killa Kanz Mob: unit of 1-3 killa kans. 10pt decrease, with WS 2 and BS 3. Each kan must choose a weapon from the following list in addition to its c.c.w. (list is from least to most expensive weapon): big shoota, skorcha, grotzooka, rokkit launcha or mega blasta. May take grot riggers or armour plates.
• Deffdred: unit of 1 dreadnought. Comes with 2 c.c.w., and must take 2 weapons from the following list in addition (list is from least to most expensive weapon): big shoota, skorcha, rokkit launcha, dreadnought c.c.w. (Each gives +1 attack, potential 6 attacks on the charge), mega blasta. May take grot riggers or armour plates.
• Battlewagon: 30pt decrease and gains Front Armour 14. May take a Killcannon (more on that later) for much increased points, which reduces its transport capacity to 12 from 20. Only vehicle which may take a Deff Rolla. May also take 1 big gun for various points and up to 4 big shootas/rokkits. May take various vehicle upgrades.

Vehicle Upgrades:
• Grot Riggers: same as current.
• Armour Plates: now as extra armour on imperial vehicles.
• ‘Ard Case: turns an open-topped vehicle into a close-topped one.
• Reinforced Ram: allows tank-shocking with extra bonuses (can’t recall atm).
• Deff Rolla: causes d6 S10 hits on any units tank-shocked(!).
• Red Paint Job: same as current.
• Stikkbomm Chukka: don’t remember....
• Boarding Plank: don’t remember....
• Wrekkin’ Ball: don’t remember....
• Grabbin’ Klaw: prevents an enemy vehicle within 2" from moving in the next turn.

• Choppa: c.c.w.
• Slugga: same as current.
• Shoota: Range=18" S=4 AP=6 Assault 2
• Power Klaw: same as current.
• Big Choppa: +2 strength.
• Burna: same as current.
• Shoota/Skorcha: same as current.
• Shoota/Rokkit Launcha: same as current.
• Big Shoota: same as current.
• Rokkit Launcha: same as current.
• TL-Shoota: a twin-linked shoota....
• Dakkagun: Range=18" S=5 AP=4 Assault 2
• Deffgun: Range=48" S=7 AP=4 Heavy d3
• Grot Blasta: same as current.
• Grotzooka: Range=18" S=5 AP=6 Heavy 2 Blast
• Kannon (Frag): same as current.
• Kannon (Shell): same as current, but does not count as ordnance.
• Killkannon: Range=24" S=7 AP=3 Ordnance 1, Large Blast
• Kustom Mega Blasta: Range=24" S=8 AP=2 Assault 1 Gets Hot!
• Lobba: same as current.
• Shokk Attakk Gun: Range=60" S=2d6 AP=2 Ordnance 1, Large Blast. Rolls of 10+ for strength count as S10. If doubles are rolled, consult the chart that follows:
Double 1: mek and models within d6" die automatically.
Double 2: ???
Double 3: ???
Double 4: ???
Double 5: ???
Double 6: ???
• Skorcha: same as current.
• Snazzgun: Range=24" S=5 AP=d6 Assault 1
• Zzap Gun: Range=36" S=2d6 AP=2 Heavy 1 Melta
• Boomgun: Range=36" S=8 AP=3 Ordnance 1, Large Blast

• Attack Squig: simply grants the model +1 Attack.
• Bosspole: can’t remember.... same as current I believe though.
• Mega-Armour: 2+ armour save, Slow and Purposeful, comes with TL-Shoota and Power Klaw. The Shoota may be replaced with kombi weapons, or (IIRC) big shoota, rokkit launcha, skorcha. Can’t recall on kustom jobs.
• Cybork Body: same as current.
• ‘Eavy Armour: same as current.
• Doks Toolz: work on a 4+ as base.
• Meks Toolz: work on a 4+ as base.
• Grot Oiler: allows the Mek to re-roll failed toolz rolls.
• Grot Orderly: allows the Painboy to re-roll failed toolz rolls.
• Warbike: same as current, except it confers a 4+ save instead now.
• Ammo Runt: same as current.
• Kustom Force Field: 5+ cover save, vehicles count as obscured.
• Stikkbommz: a combination of the two...
• Gitfinda: can’t remember....an orky auspex, methinks.

That’s about it! There are, as you can well see, some things I can’t recall atm. But I’m working on it with my friends and such, and we should have a pretty complete list going within a couple more visits to the ol’ friendly LGS. One thing I haven’t put in yet: special characters. I just don’t feel I know them well enough yet to put it all out there. But, as a teaser, here’re the ones that made it: Ghazghkull, Grotsnik, Snikrot, Wazzdakka, and Zagstruk are all in. New guys include the Warphead “Old Zogwort”, and the Flash Git “Kaptin Badrukk” (only new if you started in 3rd edition, of course!). I’ll update this post as I am able to clamp down more stuff with certainty.

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But... grots don't provide cover any more?

That's the only reason I have 90 of them (it certainly isn't for their balistic skill)!

(All right, sometimes I eat them too)


(does this qualify as the first 'Argh! Nerf-orks!' post?)

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It's just that my entire army (just about) is composed of: -

1 - large numbers of choppa & slugga boys (who now have 'pistol and close combat weapon', just like everyone else, only with worse armour), and

2 - lots and lots of grots, who were previously the 'armour' (ie moving cover save) for my advancing orks.

On first glance, it's difficult to see the point of grots now, and my slugga boys look rather less effective than before. That's 5 troop choices (and for orks that 150 models!) that need serious re-jigging (haven't begun to assimilate the other changes yet, but my lone shoota boyz mob looks safe at least!).

OK, calling 'nerf' was perhaps a bit of an exageration, I just wanted to be the first. But it will require a major re-adjustment to the list (and as I say, possibly retiring about 100 minis... to come out in Apocalypse games!). So it's maybe not the list per se, just my mini collection.


edit: Oh FFS, I don't see looted plasma cannons either, now I really AM starting to panic. Not funny, out of my previous Ork list so far I can see pecisely 2 (out of 8 checked) units that look OK (haven't finished checking the other 8 though, more may be saved...). Does that qualify as nerfed?

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This sounds like what they've done for the Thousand Sons: making up for the GW Dev Screw for the past 10 years (well...since Armageddon).

Orks are going to be hard pimpin'!

Making up for several years of mediocrity!

I'm liking this Jervis Johnson balancing more and more!

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it seems that the orks have finally been powered up a bit huzzah! :D

...not that im an ork player myself but my friend is and everytime i have a game against him i always win, now i might actaully have a challenging games.

Also those wierdboyz sound just downright nasty! :thumb2:
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