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OK, so an old time ork player here looking through the ork codex. I am SURE this has got to have been asked somewhere in here, but I am new to this forum, so bear with me! It states Kans and Dreads have STR 5 (this was always true), but it does NOT state (anywhere I can see) they use the equivalent of Power Claws! Does this mean they have been downgraded in Strength???

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p102 new ork dex, under wargear it lists them both as having one (or more) Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon.

p73 BBB, top of the page under Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons

DCCWs double Str (max 10) and ignore armour saves.
Unlike power claws or fists, it does not force you to strike last.

So yes, da kanz are still S10 armor-ignoring killing machines.

If you haven't played space marines then I don't blame you for not knowing about Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons.
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