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Just dusted off the old Orks, been out of it for the last 4 years. Appreciate any help to knock off the old rust.


WarBoss [75]
Eavy Armor
Big Choppa
Twin-linked Shoota

Big Mek [85]


Nobz [355]
1x Painboy
Eavy Armor
9x Nobz
Eavy Armor x9
Big Choppa x3
Twin-linked Shoota x9
Waaagh! Banner

Burna Boyz [105]
3x Mekboyz
Big shoota x3
4x Burna Boyz

Lootas [135]
1x Mekboy
Rokkit Launcha x1
8x Lootas


2x Boyz (Slugga/Choopa) [95]
15x Boyz
Big Shoota x1

Boyz (Shoota) [130]
20x Boyz
Big Shoota x2

Deff Dread [85]
Skorcha x1
Big Shoota x1

MegaNobz [265]
6x MegaNobz
Kombi-Skorcha x5

Fast Attack

WarBuggies [80]
2x WarBuggies
T-Linked RokkitLauncha x2
Red Paint x2

WarBikes [175]
7x WarBikes

Heavy Support

Killa Kans [150]
3x Killa Kans
Rokkit Launchas x3

2x Big Gunnz [39]
1x Zzap Gunz
Ammo Runts x2
Additional Grot X1

Deticated Transports

2x WarTrukk [45](1 for MegaNobz, and 1 for Nobz+WarBoss)
1x War Trukk
Rokkit Launcha
Red Paint

107 Models
1998 pts.


The playing area is 4X6.

Planning on the mob theory.

Zapp Gunz and Lootas in the rear.; for targets of opportunity.

Nobz (trukk), MegaNobz (trukk), Buggies screened by the bikes all hit one flank; off load troops and then hit targets of opportunity with rokkit launchas.

Every thing else gets marched up the center; Shoota in the front for fodder followed by the Dread and killa Kans with the Burnas intermixed for repairs Slugga troops behind them for CC. Big Mek with KFF in center for cover.

As noted earlier, I am not up on 4th Edition, it has been over 4 years. Any input will be greatly appriciated.
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