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New / Old Orks

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What's the general approach with armys when a new codex coes out?

Is it still OK to field an army uder the old codex, or is it new codex only?

Should old armies untils be re-pointed to fit the new codex?

I'm applying this to Ork mainly 'cos I'm not too sure what to do about my Ork army.
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Although, in all fairness, the new codex is so much better that there's almost no REASON to stick to the old one, like there was with the Chaos Space Marine release.
You can always use old models. I routinely play against an army comprised of old-pattern Rhinos and RTB01 beaky Space Marines. An ork is an ork, even if he's a cookie cutter plastic or the newest release. Even Games Workshop won't tell you you have to have the newest models in a tournament setting-- it's unusual to see since a lot of people build armies for specific high-profile things, but for Rogue Trader events, it's not uncommon to see old stuff.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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