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New / Old Orks

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What's the general approach with armys when a new codex coes out?

Is it still OK to field an army uder the old codex, or is it new codex only?

Should old armies untils be re-pointed to fit the new codex?

I'm applying this to Ork mainly 'cos I'm not too sure what to do about my Ork army.
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Yes, but those crappy expensive boyz get a Nob with a free day in the Armory and the Choppa rule. And they can have more than one Heavy Weapon per 10 boyz, and they can have Burnaz in squads, and the Tankbustaz can shoot at anything they want!!!

EDIT: Also, Looted Vehicles, Extra Armor, CHOPPAS!!!!, PKlaws in Boyz squads, Grot cover save rerolls, Loota boyz, Flash Gitz, Ard' Boys, come on man! GW blew the Ork dex' away with idiot rules and even more idiot taking-away-old-rules.

But to answer your questions you do have to ask permission to use an old dex'.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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