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New / Old Orks

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What's the general approach with armys when a new codex coes out?

Is it still OK to field an army uder the old codex, or is it new codex only?

Should old armies untils be re-pointed to fit the new codex?

I'm applying this to Ork mainly 'cos I'm not too sure what to do about my Ork army.
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OK, thanks for the info.

With regards to figures, the Boyz are similar between the two Codexs so I'm not going to have to change them. What about the warbikes? Can I use the old 'plain' warbikes in an official army, or do they need to be the new style only?, or can I mix and match, as long as I pay the new costs?
I've got the new codex, and the Spearhead box set. I'm just a bit slow with the painting and I still haven't finished the battleforce from the previous codex. What I didn't want to do would be to waste effort finishing it, if I then couldn't use the figures.
Thanks for the answers.
December 2006 or there abouts. It was a Christmas present for my son. I bought the nid's one at the same time. I haven't completed either of them yet (said I was slow)...
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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