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Hello all, this is a note to any and all Necromunda players here on the site.
While Heresy is an awesome site, the specialist games section tends to be a little quiet nowadays. Warseer is the same. There are some excellent project logs to be seen on both sites, but generally the activity in the last few years has dropped off significantly. Some of you may or may not know about YakTribe (formerly known as Yakromunda) but it's got a very active community for all things specialist games. It's got a great campaign tracker for Necromunda and will be adding Gorkamorka and Mordheim campaign trackers in the near future.
But that's not the point of this post.
This post is to let you all know about the great work that's been carried out for Necromunda recently. A new rulebook!
You may or may not know about the different versions of the Necromunda rulebook, but essentially there are three; the Original Rulebook (ORB, the one from the boxed set), the Living Rulebook (LRB, this is the one that was hosted online on the old GW site, it was also released as a hard copy called 'Necromunda: Underhive' and is generally regarded as the weakest of the rulesets) and the most recent version, the fan made Necromunda Community Edition (NCE, this started off on various forums as an attempt to balance the LRB under the watchful eye of Mr Anthony Case and eventually found it's way to being hosted over on Yakromunda/Yaktribe). There was also an add on for Necromunda called 'Outlanders', which up until this point was the only compilation of the other gangs released for the game like Spyrers and Ratskins and stuff. There have been various official and homebrew rules created, but nothing authoritative to bring the old Outlanders rules up to date.
Until now!
Over the last few months there has been a large community effort to get Outlanders knocked into shape to fit the NCE ruleset (which is by far the most played ruleset on the YakTribe forum) and under the watchful gaze of Mr Case himself, the first edition of Outlanders Community Edition has been published. It covers all the original gangs, but now also includes rules for Pitslave gangs (originally Pitslaves were only available as hired guns but were later turned into a standalone gang after the original Outlanders release, but there have been many rules versions available for them, all differing in one way or another).
Other notable changes include refreshing the Ratskin rules to include things like Spirit Warriors from the newer rules with the old gang, so there is finally a ruleset for them that has Spirit and Totem warriors alongside Shamans (the shaman powers have been tweaked too!).
Redemptionists have been balanced, Spyrers have had a quite radical overhaul, and Scavvies have had some awesome things added; how does a mutant psyker scavvy sound? Yeah, awesome I agree.
Archeotech is now more hilarious and unpredictable than ever; instead of the original six offerings there are now 10 and some have multiple choice so there's a lot to get stuck into.
As well as the glaring changes, there's a lot of changes under the bonnet too. Prices now reflect NCE, the scenarios have been tweaked, treacherous conditions have been balanced, some slight modifications to wyrd powers, the rare trade chart is slightly less brutal, and myriad other tweaks and balances, all driven by an active community of regular players.
These changes aren't just for the sake of it either; most close loopholes, clarify ambiguously worded rules, balance things that have been found to be detrimental to a gangs play style, or are the result of community discussion and approval.
But the best bit is by using these rules you can also participate. Find something in the NCE or OCE that may have been missed or just doesn't work? Join in the discussion on the forum and you might find you've just contributed to the ruleset. They are actively updated through user feedback which makes them the most balanced and user friendly set of Necromunda rules available. It's the best game GW ever produced with the set of rules you've always wanted, but just didn't realise!
Things that you WON'T find in it however are Enforcer rules and special characters. Enforcers are tricky cos there are two very distinct rule types (there are the original style rules where they are played more as an arbitrator tool that swoop in and crack heads when required, and another set that sees them played like a regular gang with income and trade, etc) which have firm adherents and finding a middle ground proved tricky, so it was put aside to allow the rest of the rules to be developed. Special characters are fairly easy to covert to NCE if required.
They are works for the future however, and your participation is welcomed and actively encouraged!
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