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It was a major decision to take local moderators to run specific areas of the site but I feel we've narrowed the 12 applications down to the 5 most suitable candidates.

I'd like to officially welcome the following to the Heresy Online staff.

Dirge Eterna
The Son of Horus

Congratulations guys and thanks for your ongoing contributions throughout the forum. You've earned the "yellow" stripe through hard work, dedication, committment and a friendly outgoing demeanour.

To those of you that were not chosen, don't despair. We discussed all possible applicants and decided that these five are the most suitable at this time. That isn't to say we wouldn't consider you again in the future, far from it. We had to make some very difficult decisions to narrow down to 5 members. Chin up though, stay active and your opportunity will come around next time.



- Members can find a full list of staff in http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?t=113.

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:so_happy:Congratulations everyone!!:victory:

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Yeah, but what about my pony?

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Welcome to the team peeps.
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