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I'm returning to 40K after aproximately 15 years absence. Once upon a time I had a vast SM army with 2 armorcast titans (the original hellhound and reaver)... all of which I gave away over the years :(

Anyway, back to playing. Recently picked up AoBR and some additional spruces off of ebay to build a nice cookie cutter army. Did some conversion on half the army making a small salamander force. I'm also branching out into a tyranid force after finding the original metal hive tyrant in a box, along w/ a termie flamer unit and what I think is some old dread bits :)

Re-learning the rules, done some small pew-pew with locals. My daughter has fun rolling dice with me as I play against myself :laugh:

Anyway, that's about it
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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