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for a while now I've been trying to figure out what to paint my chaos army and I have decided black over white, Malal's colors and its because of what i read about him by chance.

I think it is stupid of gw to come out with 5 gods of chaos and then sit back down and say no theres 4... Since the allmighty gw gods wont get off their buts and make rules for the one god I like I am starting a trhead as to what I should use for my Mark of Malal Rules. I have been using the mark of tzeentch points cost but to change it up I'm thinking it should let them reroll their armor saves instead of a static +1 somewhere in the statline.

I am fine with not having a cult marine dedicated to him though I just use Chosen in my black legion

I would like to know the communities feedback as to what rules you think should be the Mark of Malal
or if you like my idea let me know. I am seriously considering putting it on my homerule board but I need feedback first and I need this rule to be fair.

Thanks ahead of time everyone and like I said get in on the discussion lol 4CHAOS!

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hatred( daemons )
daemons of malal must use santic psycic powers?

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Instead of a Mark, i'd consider your own warband as a Mini-codex (like the Crimson Slaughter...)
I can suggest these two sources:




OTHERWISE i have this shit houseruled by me:

Codex: Followers of Malice (FoM)

FoM treat all alliances as ally of convenience. Chaos Marines and Chaos Daemons are desperate allies.

FoM select units as per the Codex: Chaos Space Marines with the following differences:
-No named character (followers of malice rarely survive long and no famous villain will ever fight for them)
-No chaos Marks can be selected and any unit that already has a mark of chaos in their special rules cannot be selected.

Furthermore all units from C:FoM have "Preferred Enemy: Codex Chaos Marines, Codex Daemons and Codex Renegade and Heretics"
Also they have
-Supreme Anarchy: every unit not selected from a FoM detachment suffer a -1 Ld when within 6" from any FoM unit.

Every Infantry model can purchase this special rule :
-Wanderers: gain Move trough cover USR and Run moves are at +1" -- 2 pts / 5pts for ICs

They can select relics only from the following list:

-Parasite Flail - 35 pts -
Melee, Str user, AP 4, unwieldly, Daemon weapon, Rend, Fleshbane, Lifeleech*
*Lifeleech: when an enemy model is wounded by this weapon, the wielder can roll a D6: on a 5+ he regains a previously lost wound, up to his maximum.

-Fang of the Renegade -45 pts-
Melee, Str +1, Ap 3, Daemon Weapon, Master crafted, Kinslayer*
*Kinslayer: succesfull invulnerable saves taken against wounds inflicted by this weapon must be rerolled. Models with the "Daemon" USR cannot take invuln. saves against wounds inflicted by this weapon

-The Armour of the Halves -25 pts-
Fear, 2+ Armour save, count also as Defensive Grenades, every model (even allied models) in base contact with the owner has -2 WS and -2 Init.

-Voidspitter - 35 pts-
Ranged, Assault 1, Torrent , Str 5, VP5, Ignore cover, Armourbane, Fleshbane

-Mask of Terror - 35 pts -
Fear, enemy units have -2 Ld within 6" of the bearer (cumulative with Supreme Anarchy), enemy who wants to shoot the bearer or his unit must take a Pinning test.

Here it is, just some chaff spitted around :)
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