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new marine chapter

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while i was reading the Index Astartes i thought it would be interesting to make a chapter that is missing one or more of the implantes. i had an idaer to leave out the black charapis armoer and fild a full scout army.

how about you...

sorry about spelling
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I like it, would definitly raise a few eyebrows on the table. Scouts can pretty much do everything marines can do, so it's not like you'd be loosing any tactical flexibility. You've got your bolter scouts, bp/ccw scouts, and BONUS!!! sniper rifle scouts. Even scout bikers. The only thing you loose are special weapons, but you could convert some scouts to be devestators, or use combi weapons. It would make for a very interesting, and very cool army.

Got a list planned, or is this just a passing fancy?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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