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nice boy, daft though !
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Well my allocation arrived today, Box is the same size as assault on black reach but has 5 sprues which is one more then AOBR.
The Rule book is the same size about A5 size and if well put together and full colour with pictures and quite thick, the getting started booklet how ever is a little lacking, it shows how to assemble the griffin and how to set up a game but not really worth the paper, would have liked more instructions for the other models as some are less than straight forward and new people might struggle.

the templates, dice and sticks are the usual stuff.

Well as you may know the box has High elves and Skaven, both sets of models are on par with the quality we saw in Space hulk and the Skaven match the recently released Clan rats perfectly, i would go as far as saying they are the same models but have been altered to be snap together, the character models are multi part snap together as are the Rat ogres which look like a vast improvement on the current plastics.

The High elves are also very well thought out, the griffon is huge, wing span is getting on for 8 inches and the main body must be 5 long, the scuplting has made it unlikely that you will be able to do a conversion from elf to another race but may be worth a try for the experienced. The cavalry are brilliant, they come with a removeable head so may be possible to use them for other things, they are stunning and unfortuneatly they will put silver helms to serious shame, same goes for the sea guard, they will make your spearmen look like shit, they are essentially the same model but the sculpting in the sea guard looks sweet, the sword masters i would say are pretty much a carbon copy of the metals and would simply intermingle with any you already have without standing out.
The wizard is a fantastic model, its as detailed as any metal character and i would say even better than the current plastic one for looks alone, though the plastic kit wizard does come with loads of optional extras and horse and is very nice.

All in all i would say its worth the money if you want to get into the game with either of these armies and trade the army you dont want.
If i was going to look for a fault it would be that i think on the whole the high elves needed revamped core troops than they needed the stuff in this box, lets face it the stuff in the battalion box is looking poor compared to the rest of the range, but that isnt a fault with this set its just how i think it should have been done differently.

i would say 8 out of 10

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