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New ideas for Scenic Products

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Hey guys,

So i have started my own business,
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im specializing in scenic supplies at the moment, just to start off with, and then i wish to move on into larger areas like tools, glues, sculpting etc.

but i have a problem, as you can see i have a limited range for now, but i would like to expand, so if there is a scenic supply that you would like, eg maybe slabs of broken concrete, or hedges and trees, put foward your ideas and suggestions.

I will give rep to any good ideas, and excellent ideas will hopefully be featured on my webpage.

I am willing to make pre made trees and hedges, and exploring resin for tree stumps and other landscaping stuff like rocks or the like.
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Daemonic possessed breaking ground?
Flood and rock (heroic pose, i think of the character standing on a rock and flood flooding over the ground, but not the rock)
Skeleton base (Use gw skeletons)
Sand with bugs...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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