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New Hobby Goodies

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It's that time of year again!

No, no, not *that* time of year. We don't speak of *those* things anymore. I'm on about he time of year when holiday shopping starts, and cool stuff comes out as a wintertime special.

Games Workshop is going to offer a large figure case for both Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 as always this year, for $99 US. It's a set of regular figure foam and a set of pluck foam for monsters and tanks. Not bad.

Then, we've got the Citadel Hobby Station. While the Citadel Paint Station is a great product, it's not a complete thing-- it's not something you can fold up and just take with you. It doesn't hold all your tools, either. But the Hobby Station does. It folds up for easy transport, holds 49 paint pots in the same way as the current paint station, holds all your tools, brushes, a cutting mat (which they are bringing back in A5 size), and a bits box. Pretty cool, right? That's actually going to be a regular range item.

The Ultimate Paint Set is back for the holidays, and contains every paint Games Workshop makes. It's a roughly 15% discount off of buying them individually.

Last up, we've got the special gift item this season. A metal tin bits box stamped with the Citadel logo with nice dividers and a special water pot mug (also with the Citadel logo) are going to be available for $17 US. The water pot is the same idea as the current water pot-- it's just twice the size, and has room for more brushes. I initially kind of poo-pooed the water pot when it came out, but I love 'em now-- yeah, it's a $5 Dixie cup. But if you paint with any regularity, you save a lot of money in the long run with it, and it's nice to be able to just park a brush upright while you're working.
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Really looking forward to see what this hobby station is like. Any pics anywhere yet??
GW are making disposable paper palettes now hooray! Now I don't need to order them online from hobby stores anymore.
I can't quite tell if you are being sarcastic..... I imagine they will be pretty useful to people using wet pallettes though I certainly wouldn't want disposable ones for everyday stuff.

Disappointed with the project box, it was a really cool idea but it looks a bit boring tbh :(
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