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Hullo, new here. I guess ill answer those questions....

How did you find us.
Im on the TSOALR forums, and i guess because of that i got an email from Jez something (sorry dont know your name yet) and i came here. sorry for the delay as it was sent to an old email I use as a meat sheild for Chaos invasions.

- Your location.
Gudrun, very nice planet, nice country side.

- High School memories.

- Why did you choose that handle (name).
Who hasnt heard of the great Gregor Eisenhorn? well I'm his brother. I was dis owned by my father.

- How long have you been playing Games Workshop Systems and Wargames in general
'bout 4 or 5 years

- Best memory during a battle.
Dont battle, collect and watch

- Favourite army.
Tau all the way!

- Regular gaming buddies also on the forums.
all my old TSOALR buddies

- Basically anything of interest to give us a better understanding of who you are and what you’re about.
Tauist, well actually Imperium but its a long story and against most fluff, post it later once i find right section. I also like Industrial music, and i play the Thing-Thing games. I also like Ska. Im also an artist. I also dont like Chaos, sorry for those who do.

- Why not include a picture
working on it.......wait..in the post? or an avatar? ?_?

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woa, your army is the "Golden Hands"? wow, i just thought of SO many jokes for that.....sorry its just too easy! tee-hee did they have an accident in the bathroom or something? i bet there are no more urinals in their battle barge.....

Look if you wanna make fun of my army, its a bunch of Imperial Tau........
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