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Seems like Knights got faster as they now roll 2D6 for movement in difficult terrain and pick the highest.
Isn't it "multiply the highest by 2" or did I misread/am I misremembering that?

Blood Thrones and Skull Cannons now have 2 additional Bloodletter Crew to beat you with.
Well, you have 2 attacks that have all the stats of Bloodletters, down to the Furious Charge. But... you don't get a bonus attack for each on the assault, which is disappointing--would have been nice to get +4 free Bloodletter attacks on top of all the Hammer of Wrath, rider, etc stuff.

Black Legion Sunburst loses Blind, gains Soul Blaze, and doesn't kill the user if the power fails anymore: just if they Perils.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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