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New Extracts

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Brand new extracts have just gone up for Wulfrik the Wanderer, Ciaphas Cain: The Emperor's Finest and Dead Men Walking.




So far they seem quite good. The new Ciaphas Cain novel is apparantely set after the short story Echoes of the Tomb when Cain is rescued from the Necrons by the Space Marines.

Wulfrik seems interesting so far. It will be my first Warhammer Heroes novel and I look forward to it. The Norscans have interested me for quite some time and it will be very nice to read about them.

And the new Death Korps novel seems quite interesting so far. The Necrons are quite terrifying and the desperation of the people is shown well. The only question is.. What is more terrifying, the Death Korps or the Necrons?.
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thanks for the heads up LOTN, I've been scanning for new extracts every day and now you've beat me to it!

***now heading for blacklibrary***
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