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just getting into the hobby after having friends talk about the fluff for years, and playing the dawn of war games. My Local GW store is having an escalation league starting up in a few weeks with the first round being 500pts. this is what i was thinking of running for the first week after which the next game will be 700pts and each session increases 200pts there after until the final week at 1500
-Kharn 160

-Khorne Berzekers x5 120

-Chaos Space Marines x5 80

Heavy Support
-Predator 140
--Twinlinked Lascannon
--Lascannon Sponsons

looking for some feedback, was thinking of droping the sponsons to take a Rhino to get Kharn and zerkers into melee range quicker. and/or droping the CSM for a larger unit of Cultists
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