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Have you considered swapping kharn for a black axe chaos lord and lose the twin linked las on the predator. Gives you 75 points. Thats a rhino for the bezerkers and then some exta bodies for the bezerkers and maybe some more csm. Upgrade the flamer to some melta. Then personaly I would lose the chain axes to give the bezerker champ a lighting claw. Bezerkers don't need chain axes.
They then can threaten ap2 and 3. Add some melta bombs and they threaten everything at this point level. You can bring kharn back when you have more points.
Khorne lord, black axe meltabombs 115
6 bezerkers lightning claw melta bombs rhino 179
5 csm plasma 90
Pred las sponson 115
Total 499
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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