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just getting into the hobby after having friends talk about the fluff for years, and playing the dawn of war games. My Local GW store is having an escalation league starting up in a few weeks with the first round being 500pts. this is what i was thinking of running for the first week after which the next game will be 700pts and each session increases 200pts there after until the final week at 1500
-Kharn 160

-Khorne Berzekers x5 120

-Chaos Space Marines x5 80

Heavy Support
-Predator 140
--Twinlinked Lascannon
--Lascannon Sponsons

looking for some feedback, was thinking of droping the sponsons to take a Rhino to get Kharn and zerkers into melee range quicker. and/or droping the CSM for a larger unit of Cultists

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Have you considered swapping kharn for a black axe chaos lord and lose the twin linked las on the predator. Gives you 75 points. Thats a rhino for the bezerkers and then some exta bodies for the bezerkers and maybe some more csm. Upgrade the flamer to some melta. Then personaly I would lose the chain axes to give the bezerker champ a lighting claw. Bezerkers don't need chain axes.
They then can threaten ap2 and 3. Add some melta bombs and they threaten everything at this point level. You can bring kharn back when you have more points.
Khorne lord, black axe meltabombs 115
6 bezerkers lightning claw melta bombs rhino 179
5 csm plasma 90
Pred las sponson 115
Total 499

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A nice friendly list.
The worst drawback is the lack of any transport. Any eldar, tyranid, dark eldar, daemon army will just run around you and dictate the assaults.

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Then personaly I would lose the chain axes to give the bezerker champ a lighting claw.
I agree with DaisyDuke on this one, chain axes at ap4 dont really give you that much extra punch for the points cost in my opinion.

Kharn backed up with berserkers is a wrecking ball at any level, but having that rhino gives you a much better chance of delivering them into combat.

here's how id tweak your list slightly...

497 points

Kharn - 160 pts

Cultists x10 - 50 pts

Berserkers x5 - 160 pts
(AC with Lightening claw + melta bombs)
+ Rhino

Predator - 127 pts
SS Lascannons
Havoc Launcher

Losing the original marines and swapping in cultists and swapping out the TL las on your pred also gives a few points to play around with, with melta bombs on your AC the berserkers can hurt anything and the pred has weapons to take on all comers too with HL blast. Even have enough points spare to give the cultist champ a shotgun! haha.

Looks a good start tho, go get em!!
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