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New era battle reports. Thats how I will call all my new battle reports. In this series I will try to go in depth about the game, with fully painted armies and terrain.
If you can, pls rate and leave a comment on the video ^^)














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Mate that is another set of armies. I particularly like your use of blood angel parts mixed in with SW parts - are they a custom chapter or later founding, or are you still calling them space wolves?
The luck of the draw cost you that game against the orks, it felt like he was playing very conservatively.

Still can't get youtube comments going, something about my computer is not working I suspect...

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Looks like great games. I would recommend you not to zoom in to much during as you loose a bit of the oversight
Fine kitbash on the orks btw :biggrin:
some good batreps, long just enough to keep your attention up.

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Thank you guy!!!!
Mate that is another set of armies. I particularly like your use of blood angel parts mixed in with SW parts - are they a custom chapter or later founding, or are you still calling them space wolves?
Its my custom chapter that I made a long time ago. If you want, I can send you the fluff ^^)

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Here it is ^^)

A little update
Name: Black Ravens
Founding chapter: Imperial Fists
Founding: 3rd Founding
Chapter master: Ellyron the Black
Home world: Mastral Elmurus
Fortress-monastery: Captain ship
Main colors: Black and Grey
Purpose: Hunt down alpha legion
Battle cry: "For the hunt!"
Estimated strength: 1000

"We hunt in shadows, but emperor gives us the light that we need. Hunt or be hunted."

Home planet: Mastral Elmurus
The planet is populated with human tribes. The tribesmen follow the honor of hunting. The planet itself is fully covered with big massive trees and swamps, but some times on the planet is covered in massive storms that brings snow. The tribesmen have learned how to live in such conditions and how to survive on a planet full of wild beasts. It is told that the beasts fear the tribes man more than they fear the beasts.

History of the Chapter
The chapter was created by the High Lords of Terra. The Chapter was created after Horus Heresy when many traitors escaped. It was their job to find the traitors and kill them, or bring them to justice. But the High Lords knew full well that one Chapter alone could not do it, so they have decided that their main mission was to find the enemy but not to fight them. After the Chapter was formed they where broth to they home planet along with their first Chapter Master Vezall. Soon after planetfall, they found one of the tribes, the symbol of which was a raven. Verzall was unwilling to kill the owners of the planet, and proposed to split their territory in half. The one part will belong to the tribes man and the other to the marines. On such terms they all agreed and let the marines live on the planet. In future the 2 populations began to work together, helping each other in some things. The leader of the tribesmen offered Verzall personal training on how to hunt down a prey. So began the future fate of the chapter. Every one of the tribesman trained each marines in hunting details. The Chapter begun to learn more and more in hunting and soon with full confidence the Chapter could call them self the hunters.
They took the traditions of the tribes as their own. The tribesman that reaches the fourth hunting step is allowed to own the spear of hunters, and there are only five steps. The fifth step is the most dangerous, when the hunter must take the souls of his master in his own so that his master will live for ever. It is spoken among marines that Verzall is one of only two among his Chapter who have ever reached this step.
The more the chapter hunted along with the tribe, the more they turned wild. The tribesmen saw this, and also taught marines how to control they're wild nature and use it only in battle, at home they should stay calm and never attack theyr brothers.
On one ritual hunt when Verzall and the tribes chief went hunting alone, the chief offered Verzall and his Chapter to become one with the tribe. At this point it was an honor to become one with their teachers. When they returned home with a big prey, Chief told every one that the Black Ravens are now one of them. So from that they every Black Raven marine has a tattoo on his back symbolizing the tribe, and every one of them has the symbol of hunting on they shoulder pads. In time, the tribe and marines have claimed more and more of the planet territory fighting with other tribes.
Now Verzall is dead and buried on his home planet. Over his grave stands a huge statue of himself. Before his death Verzall has told every one that a true Chapter Master should defeat alone one of the strongest beasts on the planet. The beast is called among the villagers Amaruzu, it is something similar to an lion with an head of crocodile and legs with venomous claws, and lives always in prides. After the death of Verzall only two others have defeated the beast. The first died soon after, in a battle with Tyranids during single combat with the Swarmlord, but the second one lives today and is told to be stronger and wiser then Verzall.

Black Ravens today
The Chapter prefers close combat rather then shooting. They man drop pods (which are some times covered with chaines and skulls to infact fear to theyr animi) from their great fleets of ships, and land behind enemy lines while the enemy fights marines and dreadnoughts. Because of their wild nature, the Chapter has many great victories behind them, most of them against traitor marines and Orks, who some times stand in they way while they gather information about traitors. The chapters biggest goal was defending an planet from chaos space marines invasion with an barbarian lord leading the traitors legion. The battle was bloody but victories, when the barbarian lord steped in battle with ellyron, he was defited by the spear of Ellyron wit a single blow, leaving him headless on the ground.
The Chapter works closely with Ordo Hereticus, which often take the help of Black Ravens to hunt down the traitors, the Alpha Legion which most of the time have escaped the hammer of the Imperium and continued to terrorize the Imperium. The Ordo respects the job of the Chapter and as recognition has promised to restore the numbers of the Chapter when it will be needed.

Many a time in the past, the Chapter fought along side the Imperial Guard. Once in a battle against Chaos Marines, guardsmen requested urgent help. As support, the Black Raven alongside Ultramarines should have been dropped on the planet on drop pods. But later it was decided that the Ultramarines will move to the enemy in Rhinos, supporting the guardsman with fire power, while the Black Ravens will land in drop pods nearby and form a killing field.
As the drop pods fell, the guardsmen for some reason fired at them and destroyed 2 out of the 5 pods. When the remaining 3 landed and the marines had disgorged, they were met with massed fire from the guardsmen. There was nothing else the Black Ravens could do other than to protect themselves by retaliating. The firefight only ended when Ultramarines blocked their line of sight by a rhino. It could have cost them the battle. But the Ultramarines managed to push the real enemy back and eventually to eliminate them all with the help of guardsman and Black Ravens.
Later the guardsman told the court-martial that they thought that Black Ravens where more traitor marines and didn’t want to give them any chances to attack. After many discussions those guardsman where declared traitors and executed.
After this situation, the Black Ravens have ever distrusted guardsmen, and refuse to fight with them.
They also work closely with space wolves, which find some of theyr actions very close to theyr own. And with black templars, there where many battles along side with black templars, which led to a close team work between both chapters. But as black templars and space wolves fight a long side with black ravens, blood angles regect to fight with them. They find some of theyr action heretical, like combaining souls. But so do the black ravens which find the red thourst very sospitius and dangerous.

The Chapter do not keep a Fortress Monastery on their home planet. The entire Chapter choose to stay aboard their spaceships, ready to embark on the hunt once again, at a moments notice. They do not keep planet-bound Companies. Rather, they maintain eight Fleets as the equivalent of Battle Companies, with the Scouts and Reserve Companies being assigned amongst the fleets instead of their own dedicated fleets. Each Fleet is independent of each other, the better to hunt. Each is under the command of one Captain who is answerable only to the Chapter Master.

The Chapter
Ellyron the Black- The third Chapter Master of the Black Ravens. There are rumors that his master was the first Chapter Master and he was able to reach fifth step of hunters and has the soul of Verzall with him, but no one knows for sure.
He weilds a big spear with a big shield and always uses a drop pod to slam directly into combat. He wears a helmet that is much damaged, but has never changed it after he was nominated as chapter master. The spear is very big and massive, almost like a poleam. But in the hands of Ellyron it seems to be yeasi. Ellyron usually joints only big battles where he is needed the most. He never joints a small battle knowing that his commanders will do their job.

Captain Nikolai- The Captain of the First Fleet is young but cruel in battle. His preferred weapon is a wickedly sharp power sword which he always takes into battle. He usually joins a unit of marines. He is told to be one of those who can be the new Chapter Master, so strong and smart he is. He never lost a battle before, since he always say, the battle isent lost, until ravens are alive.
Captain(Wolf Lord) Nikolai
Unit type: Infantry.
Number/squad: 1
Wargear: *Runic Armour; *Frag and Krak grenades; *The Wicked Shadow Sword; *Plasma Pistol; *Saga of the Hunter; *The Raven Necklace(ca. Belt of Russ);
Special Rules: *Independent Character; *Counter-Attack; *Acute Senses; *And they shall know no fear; *Born Leader; *Clean Record; *The Shadow of Verzall;
Ws-6 ; Bs-5 ; S-4 ; T-4 ; W-3 ; I-5 ; A-* ; Ld-10 ; Sv-2+

The Wicked Shadow Sword: A power sword, that generates d6 attacks. On the roll of 1, the wickedly sharp sword cuts into Nikolai(He immediately takes a wound with no armor saves allowed, and may make the one attack against the enemy.)
Born Leader: Any unit he has joined are fearless and have the Preferred Enemy special rule(re-roll to hit in close combat).
Clean Record: As Nikolai has never lost a battle, he has grown proud and arrogant. Both you and your enemy may re-roll their "grab the initiative" roll.
The Shadow of Verzall: As something sinister took place during the last hunt Verzall was on, when the Black Ravens became one with the Tribe, it has forever clouded the heart of Nkolai. This shadow grows strong on the field of battle and where the bloodshed is the thickest. Nikolai and the unit he has joined, must take a Ld test after they win a close combat. Their Ld minus the score they won the combat by. If they fail this test, they will suffer from these special rules: Rage, Furious Charge.

Captain Steamius: The Captain of the Second Fleet. In the battle he is almost the same as Nikolai; fast, strong and an indomitable will. But instead of a power sword he uses a special blade. This blade was given to him from an old shaman that assured Steamius that the blade once belonged to a great warrior that leaved on Elmurus but failed in battle leaving only the blade on the ground. Since that they the blade passed from warrior to warrior but every one of those warriors died in battle, there began to grow rumors that the blade itself will choose its master and not the other way around. So the shaman believed that Steamius was the chosen, and he has not yet been proved wrong. His soul was blessed by the old shaman for protection of falling to chaos. Steamius also learned 2 shaman powers which he use very rare. The first power Steamius has is a healing power, which he can invoke upon any wound in body, mind or soul. Named the Healing Mind, he can sometime cure those who even the Apocetharies marked as lost. Working in concert with the healers, however... it is said they can even raise the dead, if their bodies be whole.

His other power is ten times as special, a thousand times more powerful, and millions of times more dangerous. This power is bound into his sword and is as much a part of the weapon as the material that makes it. It is termed the Exorcism Of Blades, and is fraught with danger.

This power will be used only upon those who the Chapter deem irreplacable or inexpendable, and only under certain circumstances. Even without the power being used, the sword has a potency against Daemons that would be outmatched only by the force weapons of the Ordo Malleus and the fabled Grey Knights. But when the words are spoken, their power is terrible to behold.

For the sword can be thrust into the possessed body of a Captain of the Chapter, or an enemy who requires interrogation. When the word is invoked, the sword is withdrawn and the wound, seeming to heal from the physical body, shall be put onto the daemonic inhabitant in it's stead, who will then be too wounded to maintain his grasp within this realm. However, if the wound is made in the wrong place, or the sword not removed at the right time, or the power not invoked correctly... the consequence would be no less than an immense Daemonic invasion at the very heart of the Chapter.
Egory- The Chaplain of the Chapter, and the Captain of the Third Fleet is a very cruel warrior. He seeks out the enemy commander in battle, and he has never left his enemy standing. In battle he is said to be so fast, the enemy does not witness the killing blow, and so is named 'The Snake' by the few foes that fight him and survive.

Imayl the Wise- Librarian of the Chapter, and Captain of the Fouth Fleet. Prefers not to take part in close combat, his element is battle is long-range, shooting. He is a master tactician. He has sworn to be among the greatest Librarians of the Imperium, and every battle bring him closer to his goal.

Captain Caren- Captain of the Fift Fleet. Wields a great two-handed axe. He prefers to enter the battle field with a group of terminators near him, he strikes from the clouds in a droup pod and very fast kills those who stays in his way, that’s why he is known as the crocodile.

Captain Farus- Captain of the Sixth Fleet, and Second Librarian of the chapter. He is smart, and always an excellent strategist and never makes the same mistake twice. He is trying to replace Imayl as Captain of the Third Fleet.

Captain Regan- Captain of the Seventh Fleet. Not much is known about him. He has not yet fought in battle. He and his fleet usually protect the others from orbit.

Captain Markus- Captain of the Eighth Fleet. Markus has lost his right hand and left leg in battle when his squad was bombed. The Apothecary replaced his missing limbs with bionic ones. Despite this, he is still fighting for the chapter with his brothers.

Captain Larim- He is the on who satys on his home planet and protecs it from the ground. He rides a massive creature that he has captured and mounted. He is very brutall and always get what he wants..

The green-red battle.

Imperial planet arallez was attacked by orcs. Many chapters where send to the planet to protect it. Every chapter had its own mission and place to protect it. The black raven’s main mission was to not let the orcs get the info base in south city in their hand. It was known that the captain of the orcs attacking the south city will be an orc psyker with a big mek. Black ravens settled in the town to view all the bases.
The orcs came in the town with no trucks, they had 30 boys led by the psyker orc and 30 boys which should have been outflanking the positions of the chapter, lootas that where already in control of the first base and one big mek with a shokk attack gun that was hiding in a building. The black ravens have moved forward in their tanks shooting every thing they have in the squad with the psyker killing lot of orcs, but not enough to make them run away. While one tactical squad dropped down on the captured base in a drop pod and flaming all the lootas, and taking controlee of the base. It didn’t take long while all the orcs got mad and with a big WAAAAGGG rushed in to combat with the main fire power of the space marines, the power claws destroying all the tanks with wan big punch, leaving the marines with no protection. The big mek tried to shoot at one marine squad but accidentally shoot him self write in to the wall. The battle was bloody, many marines have fallen in the battle, but so have the orcs. The psyker orcs tried to do some sort of magic but something went wrong and he disappeared with all of he’s boys in the end of the town leaving the flanking bois alone in battle with marines. In that time the first base was attacks again by orcs commandos. The marines protecting the objectives where winning the game until the vanished psyker appeared again with he’s orcs in front of the 10 marines, they trued to kill as much as they could but they have dyed protecting the base.
While in the main fight only 13 left orcs where stopped by one single marine who didn’t want to die, but in the end a power claw strike the chest of the marine leaving his legs separate of his body lying on the ground. The orcs went to the second objective, and there was nothing that could stop them.
Mine while the last leaving marine with a missile launcher tried to shoot at the squad with the psyker. The missile went write true the head of the psyker but didn’t explode.
So the where brutally bitten, but still they have crushed the marines ganing control of the bases. They thought that they have gotten the victory but they where mistaking, all the town was mined, and in case of loss blown. And so was done.

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cool batrep guys.
if i may: a less "swinging" camera and sometimes a wide view of the field could help, in my opinion.
Otherwise nicely painted minis, nice board, cool battle and most important cool lists!
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