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I know Eldar don't really need an assault transport but, tbh bored, and need something to do! Plus i want a tank that no one else will have :grin:

So this is what i've got so far...


Tank, Fast, Skimmer

Transport 12x models cannot carry support platforms wraith guard eta

Access points 2x front and rear ramps

Advance holo fields 4+ front 5+ side and rear - use vypers/jetbikes/cover to "shield" sides

TL scatter laser (primary weapon)
2x Shuriken defender (3x TL shuriken catapults) think Hurrican Bolters
sponson mounted Shuriken cannon

Got most of the parts together to start building, just waiting on a fire prism turret, so hopefully will post pic's soon.
all comments welcome:grin:

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Oh very cool an Eldar version of the Land Raider Crusader :victory:

How many points are we talking here? I estimate around 300 points and that is expensive. For that price I probably would just stick with the Wave Serpent and the Falcon

Do those advanced holo-fields give the transport an invulnerable save? Now that might just be bit too powerful and make the vehicle even more expensive.

With those super shields it doesn't seem fair that its a fast vehicle considering its a heavy assault vehicle. I suggest that you either change the shields or do not make it a fast skimmer tank. Maybe make the shields more like the Wave Serpents Energy Field; but have it cover the rear as well and have the same ability as the halo-fields.

Why not have the ability to transport wraith guard? If you can transport 12 passengers you can transport 6 wraith guard.

Whats with the one sponson mounted shuriken cannon where does that go?

The front entry ramp is a must have for a vehicle such as this; but because you basically have an Eldar copy of the Crusader you might want something like its Frag Assault Launchers. Maybe something like Plasma Charges that way your warriors can have the upper hand when assaulting into cover.
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