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New Empire

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Are there any empire players other than me that are excited about the new models and army book?

I love the mechanical mount for the master engineer it looks awesome. The new general model looks good too.
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I have to agree with you in some case Jeridian the new troops do look bad as you said to many skulls and puity seals and I don't like the rocket batery for the same reason as you said but I prefer Helblaster anyway.
Jeridian said:
Just a further ping against the new troops- I think the body and legs are one piece, so GW is actually going backwards in terms of variety and convertability here.
I agree
The kurt helborg model is great but its £15 so i won't be getting it
feuer_faust said:
I don't have a problem with one-piece bodies to the rank and filers. Too many pieces is a bit of a pain, and it makes gettiing those buggers to rnak up easier.

And I, for one, like the new look... more like grim fighters in desperate times, and less like fluffy English/Frenchmen of old.
I see what your saying and I agree they are easier to rank up but the new ones don't look like stae troops they look like scuffy militia. The swordsmen don't look like their supposed to, dashing young, brave, romantic posh boys. They look like toothless farmers.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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