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New Empire

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Are there any empire players other than me that are excited about the new models and army book?

I love the mechanical mount for the master engineer it looks awesome. The new general model looks good too.
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I like the new sculpts, but yeah, the bodies are one piece...which is a step backwards. I like the new faces/ heads and weapons. I don't mind the skulls and purity seals at all.

I think the robo-horse is a bit odd, but the new General and Kurt Hellborg etc figs are awfully shiny.
I've actually sold off the vast bulk of my Empire army to afford the new sculpt boxed sets. (We had a swap meet here locally and I cleaned them all out). My wife indicated that there was no reason to buy more Empire dudes when I have a huge fully painted army of them already...hence the sell-off.

This of course takes some of the pain out of the really spendy figs.

Of course, I only picked up two boxes of detachments and the General (the General is a sweet set BTW).
I'm finding that they do rank up better.

The newer empire dudes are certainly more gritty. One head the dude looks like a total moron, so I had to skip him, use an old head.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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