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New Empire

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Are there any empire players other than me that are excited about the new models and army book?

I love the mechanical mount for the master engineer it looks awesome. The new general model looks good too.
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I have to be that annoying voice of discontent.

I think the Mechanical Steed looks like a Necron horse- so the Empire has only just started working with gunpowder weaponry...yet they're already far in advance with robotics than modern day. To add insult to injury it fires laser bolts from it's eyes...I s**t you not.

I can live without the new Empire troops too. To many purity seals and skulls for my liking- I have enough 40k armies for that. They also seem to have far more caricature 'Wallace' (of Wallace and Gromit) face's that further put me off.
Not to mention the obligatory 'stealth' price hike introduced on the infantry.

The only new models I'm likely to get are the Outriders/Pistoliers- either because there are no current models (Outriders) or they are expensive metal ones (Pistoliers).

I do like the Helstorm Rocket Battery- though been put off by it being as inaccurate as a cannon, then as inaccurate as a mortar, and more expensive than either.

All in all I'm far from impressed (but I am very jaded having seen White Dwarf when it was a hobbyist magazine, not a kiddies catalogue, etc).

The only cool think to me is the powder monkey- just for the :lol: factor.

On the flip side- I am impressed by the new Empire book and improvement of my existing army.
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Just a further ping against the new troops- I think the body and legs are one piece, so GW is actually going backwards in terms of variety and convertability here.

It's not all bad of course- essentially the only change to my army is that all the troops are cheaper. So much so that I can fit in an additional unit of Outriders.
It is giving me an inferiority complex though- have I essentially been playing with 100pts less than on my opponents...
Look on the bright side, the older infantry will hopefully show up on eBay and independent sellers for much cheaper to try to get rid of them.
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