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New death watch rpg

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Any one looking forward to this and having never played the warhammer rpgs how is it run what is the system. I only have 3.5 or earlier (d&d) for reference so is it similar.
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The system used for Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader is percentage based, so I believe Deathwatch will be the same.

Your chance of succeeding is stat influenced by (i) how many levels of skill you have and (ii) circumstances, e.g. Knowing something is Intelligence based so you would have a base chance equal to your intelligence plus, say, 20% for it being common knowledge, and plus a further 10% for having more than one level of the relevant Knowledge skill.

Not sure how similar it is to D&D
Here is a taste of the new Deathwatch rpg from Fantasy Flight games. The 'horde' rules are going to get some heavy use i'm thinking, glad that they found a way to tackle that in the system.

Looks interesting.

Admittedly I've only played my first game of the Dark Heresy RPG the other week so this one already sparks my interest if it's running in a similar way, as it was pretty good.

Anything new on this that you've heard of by any chance?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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