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New Death Guard Army 1000/1500/2000

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Hello all,

as well as collecting BA's, i have been recently reading the Chaos SM codex, and i have been reading the fluff on the Death guard/Nurgle Daemons etc, and it really appeals to me.

i was in my local GW shop recently and they are introducing a tale of gamers event (i think it's called that) and basically they encourage you to start a new army starting at 500 pts and increasing it by another 500 each month, up to 2000, and i would like to collect and game with Death/Nurgle theme.

I would appreciate any feed back positive or negative about where i should start for 500 points, and i don't mind getting some of the forgeworld upgrades as well as they look awesome, and the fluff behind it all is amazing.

TYVM. :)
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Ok guys (and girls if any :grin:) i have been looking at some of the other lists, and i have come up with 1 unit so far to fill part o fmy first 500 point slot for the first month...
here goes:

7 PM's
Plague Champion
x 2 Melta's
Rhino/ EA = 281pts if the other entries from other heretics are correct? :)

now that seems pretty like a standard squad to me for Death Guard, so what would your suggestions be for the remainder 219pts? it can be any unit reallly, the army doesn't have to be legal for now until the end of the event, where it should be at 2000 points hopefully.
That does sounds good, didn't realise they had FNP too :victory:
as i am starting out with 500 points, i have confirmed that ir doesn't have to be a 'legal' army, so i cna pretty much have what i want in the 500 point allocation, as long as i have a legal army by the end of it...

The PM spam idea sounds pretty cool IMO, i would like to keep it rather fluffy but i have some ideas in my head abou tconverting a few things (like the new plastic DP in to a nurgley type thing :biggrin:) and possibly green stuffing a chaos Pread in a nurgle theme too? so let you imagination run wild for now, as i would personally like some unique units for the death guard to kick things off with :p
Svart, i must congratulate you, your PM Compendium is absoulutely Fantastic, it is very detailed and was easy to understand!

I think i will go with your 2000 point list as it is full of Nurgley filthy goodness! :laugh:
I have broken it down into four segments in which i have 1 month to assemble and paint each 'block', as part of said event:

500 Points:

Daemon Prince of Nurgle: MON, Wings, WT = 175 pts

7 PM's, PC with PF, 2 Melta Guns, Rhino = 256 pts

1 Chaos Obilterator = 75 pts

1000 Points:

7 PM's, PC with PF, 2 Plasma Guns, Rhino = 266 pts

3 Chaos Obilterators = 225 pts

1500 Points:

7 PT's: HF+PF, 5 Combi Melta's = 250 pts

7 PM's, PC with PF, 2 Flamer's, Rhino = 246 pts

2000 Points:

7 PB's = 91 pts

7 PB's = 91 pts

2 Chaos Obilterator's = 150 pts

1 Vindicator: Daemonic Posession = 145 pts

(Plus the squads with the 2 Melta and Plasma guns Have Personal Icons each to bring it up to 2000)

Thankyou very much for providing that info, VERY useful and i love your painting guide too! it has given me alot to think about! :drinks:Cheers

Praise to Papa N! :biggrin:
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