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New Death Guard Army 1000/1500/2000

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Hello all,

as well as collecting BA's, i have been recently reading the Chaos SM codex, and i have been reading the fluff on the Death guard/Nurgle Daemons etc, and it really appeals to me.

i was in my local GW shop recently and they are introducing a tale of gamers event (i think it's called that) and basically they encourage you to start a new army starting at 500 pts and increasing it by another 500 each month, up to 2000, and i would like to collect and game with Death/Nurgle theme.

I would appreciate any feed back positive or negative about where i should start for 500 points, and i don't mind getting some of the forgeworld upgrades as well as they look awesome, and the fluff behind it all is amazing.

TYVM. :)
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rargh, zerker, lash, oblit

On a more important note; Welcome back svart! long time no see ;3
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