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New Death Guard Army 1000/1500/2000

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Hello all,

as well as collecting BA's, i have been recently reading the Chaos SM codex, and i have been reading the fluff on the Death guard/Nurgle Daemons etc, and it really appeals to me.

i was in my local GW shop recently and they are introducing a tale of gamers event (i think it's called that) and basically they encourage you to start a new army starting at 500 pts and increasing it by another 500 each month, up to 2000, and i would like to collect and game with Death/Nurgle theme.

I would appreciate any feed back positive or negative about where i should start for 500 points, and i don't mind getting some of the forgeworld upgrades as well as they look awesome, and the fluff behind it all is amazing.

TYVM. :)
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Thats not quite the right points value! Its less I believe!
You wanna get a HQ, Although over the top at your points level a DP with MoN and WT is a pretty good shout,
Avoid Typhus although obv fluffy he's a bit of a points sink (don't get me wrong he is a good model and pretty nails but there are better ways to spend your precious points!)
Oblits again are very good but not particularly fluffy, As if memory serves me they are all about the close quarters fire fights, lack of heavy weapons etc!
So yer grab yourself some PMs top quality squad, alternate each squad with special weapons ie have one spam plasma, the other spam melta etc! I'm not even sure how fluffy troop transports are? but hey they are so very useful!
Forgeworld is indeed an excellent source for nurgle!
To be honest I would strip off EA from the rhino (for now at 500 points) and try and squeeze in two PM squads, if you, just for now run one at 6 man and the other at 7 man with double plamsa and double melta with fists and rhino's would be a great starting point!
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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