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hey, im new to both fantasy and dark elves. i have tried to put together a 1000pt list that hopefuly people will pull apart and tell me what is good and what is not.

sorceress level 2

heavy armour
sea dragon cloak

20 warriors
full command
(sorceress goes here)

10 rxb

10 rxb

5 dark riders

10 black guard
(master goes here)

war hydra

any advice about what are good and bad units in general about dark elves would also be helpful


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Hi Belly

For a small first time list, I think you have done fine here. Especially if this is your first attempt at Fantasy and DE.

This is a good starting point for you to develop your forces.

Some ideas for you;

1). Put shields on your repeater x bows. They are now our basic almost troop choice of the day. The ability of them to fight should not be overlooked. As you increase in numbers and points, it gives you the ability with a command group of being able to stand up to a lot of rank and file when melee strikes at you.

2). Master on foot, Sorceress on foot. Good standard starting choices. However as you develop your forces, your next lord purchase should be either a Sorc on Peg or a BSB. If you go down the BSB path, consider taking the Death Hag with the BSB on the Cauldron of Blood. She is quite well protected here and the boost from the COB itself is great for your troops.

3). Hydra! Good choice for your Rare, consider another as you grow your forces.

4). Dark Riders, are excellent war machine hunters, without harpies or shades in your list, this should be their big use for you.

5. expanding the BG unit to 20 over time will help as you increase in points.

Magic Items wise consider.

POK or Pendent of K... The best item we have to protect our characters from heavy hitting harm.

BDE or Black Dragon Egg. One shot item that can seriously reduce the rank and file of attackers when used correctly. Great as we are usually outnumbered.

Darkstar Cloak. Useful in your magic phase.

Sac Dagger, put on a foot sorc, and a large unit of troops that are immune to psych from another item and your magic ability increases dramatically.

Corsairs, even 10 of them with RXB make excellent screening units now allowing your forces to advance. 20 of them is better. or use them as flank attackers.

Hope this helps.


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POK defently POK i dont know how manny times it saved my mage/master/dread lord.
but otherwise pretty decent list looks like my original list only i use cosairs instead of Black Guard. i think that the BG are way too smal better drop them in favour of something else. be carefull with the hydra and if your able save his breath attack for close combat 2d6 extra attacks next too thunderstomp is lethal trust me on this one
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