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Azreal 225pts

Company Master
Plasma Pistol, Power Sword 130pts

Terminator Armor (Storm Bolter) 145pts

Combi-Plasma, Terminator Armor 150pts

Veteran Squad (5)
Power Fist, Power Weapon, Dual Lightning Claws 170pts

Deathwing Terminators (10)
Assault Cannon, Chainfistx2 255pts
Lightning Clawsx3, Thunder Hammer w/ Storm Shieldx2 215pts

Scouts (10)
Sniper Riflesx5 105pts
Sniper Riflesx4, Rocket Launcher 120pts

Gun Servitors (H. Bolter)x2, Servitors 175pts


Tactical Squad (20)
Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Pistol 205pts
Both 10man squads are configured the same way


Devastators Squad (10)
Lascannonx4, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist 270pts
Plasma Cannonx4, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist 230pts

Land Raider
Pintle Storm Bolter, HK Missile, Extra Armor 285pts

I intend for this to be a mostly defensive force that doesnt move around much (as a whole). I keep my Devestators in the back and send the Raider and two Tac squads forward, then pull them back and fire with the Devastators. This tactic usually works very well for me, ending a battle very quickly if it works. I put the Chaplain in a close combat Termie squad and Deathwing Strike them into cover (preferably out of LoS) near a choice target while fielding a shooty Termie squad in the midst of my two Tac squads.

Of course, I'm looking for input as to how to better my army because I usually get laid out by melee units like genestealers and certain eldar units.
Given enough space, my Devastator squads can wipe out almost any threat and my 9 sniper rifles can cause all kinds of hell for anything.

I haven't fought a Chaos, Imperial Guard, or Dark Eldar army yet and I don't know how to really fight them (one can study text all they want and be steamrolled without propper battle experiance).
Thanks for the input.

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I'm confused... is this for an Apocalypse game? If so I can understand all of the HQ choices, but if not I must confess that I'm puzzled as to why you have four HQ choices in your list. Remember that in Standard Missions you can include up to two HQ units at best.

Katie D

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Oh. So... you're looking for suggestions on how to change your current units? Or what new units you need to pick up? Sorry for all these questions (you probably think I'm an idiot :)), but I want to make sure I know what you're asking before I try to help.

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If those are all the models you have to choose from, I'd probably drop Azrael and the Librarian, they're not as useful as everyone thinks despite the fact that the models are cool. I'd get rid of the Techmarine, far too many points for it to be useful. I'd drop the Plasma Cannon's because they're dangerous to a unit's health. And lastly I'd get rid of the LR. I love the model, but it's just way too expensive point wise. The LRC is awesome, but since the DW only come in 5 man units, or 5+1 character; it doesn't make it worth it.

I would pick up some Predators, at ~100pts a pop you really can't say no. If you face 'nids a lot, you should really pick up more HB's. I don't think a RW squad would help you at all, since you basically footslog everything. You might want to pick up a razorback or rhino for some of your units. Assault Marines should make quick work of any melee units you face. That's probably it.

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Look, I've been playing Dark Angels since the early 90's. I've aquired nearly 20,000 points of Dark Angels. In this current ed. of the army you are really not living up to the potential of what your army can be. Yes, you have a very effective defensive force( and a nice one at that). The codex is much more offensive now. Use bikes( yes they are pricey). I was never a huge fan of them until this codex. I always had two five man units and never used them. Now I have three six man(APOC) Also I have close to 70 Terminators(again APOC)( and many years of collecting). I would say get a couple a units of bikes. All bikes have an extra move phase before the game begins. All bikes have teleport homers. IF you get first turn your bikes can be all over your opponent area of deployment in one turn. Up to half of your terminators can deep strike on the first turn Rounding up if you have an odd number of units (I.E. three units of terminators two can deep strike). The terminators you have will work just fine. Maybe get one more unit make them close combat terminators. Make sure you have at least six bikes to break them into a three man combat squadron. send them diffrent directions so your op. doesn't know exactly where the terminators are coming in at. Hope this helps a little.
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