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The necron codes sorts crypteks into five basic categories, but the fluff describes these as being broad categories containing potentially hundreds of more specialized orders.

So I thought I'd have a crack at some variants based loosely on what we already have, along with new unique wargear options.

Harbinger of Memory
Using advanced psychometric technology, a harbinger of memory causes the foe to relive their most cherished moments, or their worst nightmares.

Recollector Array: Enemy models in base contact with a psychomancer carrying a recollector array during the assault phase must pass a leadership test on 3d6. If the test is failed, the models cannot act in that fight sub phase as they are trapped within their own memories.

Harbinger of Devastation
The most violent and destructive of plasmancers carry the most dangerous equipment their kind are willing to risk. Only the bravest or craziest of overlords will employ these not completely sane individuals.

Hypergauss Grenade: Range: 6" S: X AP:1 Special Rules:Gauss, One use only

The hypergauss grenade is a device designed for utter obliteration of enemy targets in the most thorough way possible. It unleashes the devastating effects of a gauss weapon in a small contained explosion, magnifying it's effects. A hypergauss grenade always wounds on a 2+, and will inflict D3 Wounds. Against vehicles, the grenade causes D3 glancing hits on the roll of a 4+, or D3 penetrating hits on the roll of a 6.

Harbinger of Doom
Harbingers of Doom are outcasts even among the most renegade crypteks. Chronomancers who exploit their time travel capabilities to the fullest, these individuals will take any course to ensure victory.

Time Dilation Field: A chronomancer with a time dilation field can shrewdly alter the course of the battle, bringing about more favourable outcomes. It allows for the re-roll of reserve rolls, Night Fighting and Random Game length rolls.

Harbinger of Tempests
Masters of chilled and biting winds, a harbinger of tempests creates winds of ice shards and dust to impede the progress of their foes, making them excellent defenders among ethermancers.

Chill Crystal: A variant of the ether crystal, this device allows the cryptek to manipulate wind currents in specific directions. A unit charging the cryptek or the unit he has joined count as charging through difficult terrain, and will not benefit from the fleet special rule if they have it.

Harbinger of Anima
Geomancers are prime adepts at creating Artificial intelligences such as those in their canoptek servants, and harbingers of anima further excel in imbuing sentience even in their enemies' machines and weapons.

Deus Machina: The Deus Machina is a coveted piece of wargear, allowing the geomancer to read the machine code of his enemy's vehicles and form a direct interface. If an enemy vehicle is within the cryptek's line of sight, he may control it during the necron's turn for a single phase of his choosing.

So this is what I've come up with, points costs are something I'm still figuring out. Any thoughts? :)

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These rules are really good, there are just a few things I would change.

The Recollector Array should just reduce the Enemy models to WS and BS 1. Not being able to act at all, including challenges/glorious intervention is a bit much, unless that is what you are aiming for, which would have to make it pretty expensive.

The Hypergauss grenade is perfect. It has the right stats and is just good enough to justify One Use Only.

The Time Dilation Field is pretty mediocre, and unless you make it around 10 points, it isn't really worth it. You should probably add something to it, like re-rolling scatter dice as well.

The Chill Crystal is a great idea, its rule fit well with its fluff and I wouldn't change it.

The Deus Machina is great, I would just make it that you have to roll a 3+ or something like that to activate it, or maybe roll to hit. Control of a vehicle for a turn is a bit too strong for it to be automatic.

Overall nice rules and I am looking forward to points costs.

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what about a flayed one cryptek ?:scratchhead:
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