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new codexes question

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not so much a question about the new 'dexes, but moreso about what happens when there is a new codex

I was wondering if when a new codex is printed what they consistently go and change. I'm a Black Templar player and I kinda hate the special characters available to me. I'm hoping that there are some badass new ones (or just revamped old ones) Ive noticed that Dark angels and Eldar have some really powerful competent characters with all sorts of special abilities.
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Mostly, it's just fine tuning, unless the older rules set was simply broken. In that case, they may do a complete overhaul with an eye to keeping the theme while redesigning the army. As for the BTs, well, I have a feeling that any future changes would be minimal. The Characters might get a minor adjustment, but I really don't see any major changes to them.
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