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Link to the newest Tyranid Fandex, includes updates based on the 6th edition codex.

I actually lost my old files in a crash, so this new one is based on parts reconstructed from the old pdf's. A lot of extra work, but I think it feels much more polished overall now.

Some info on my group.

We don't use Warlord traits and the dex reflects that.

And a few clarifications on some main rulebook stuff.

In the Movement phase, units subject to rage must always move as fast as possible towards the closest visible enemy. In the Shooting phase, they are free to decide whether to run, but if they do they must run towards the closest visible enemy. In the Assault phase they must always consolidate towards the closest visible enemy. Whilst falling back, embarked on a transport, or if no enemy is visible, they ignore this rule.

Acute Senses-
Replaced with Night Vision. See Pathfinder

If a unit contains at least one model with this special rule, and that unit arrives on a random table edge (due to Outflank, or other special rules), then you can re-roll to see which table edge they arrive from.

The last thing I'm thinking about right now is synapse range. This list can easily field a lot more synapse then the normal codex does. And more importantly, the synapse unit bring more to the table then just being synapse units. With that in mind, is Synapse too spamable in this dex with a 12" range?
Should it be reduced to 6” standard? (with tyrants being 12" and dominion still adding 6")
Would this change punish certain playstyles unfairly? Or would it force players to build more fluff appropriate lists?

Once again, thanks for any feedback, any and all is appreciated. Watch for updates of my other old work soon, and then new stuff, starting with Space Marines, hopefully followed by all 3-4 Chaos lists.

Game on heretics.
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