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New Codex Ork 500 pts

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Since the new orks are coming out, I was thinking of getting the new battleforce thingy and the codex. I'm bored so I came up with this for a 500 pt army.


Ork Big Mek


5 x Tankbusta,


10 x Ork Boyz,

10 x Ork Boyz

1 x Ork Trukk

Fast Attack

3 x Ork Warbikerz

Simple really, just the battleforce and tankbustas and a Big Mek. Not sure of the point values, so if someone could help me out.
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if i were you i would go even simpler and go

warboss - ugg choppa

2 massive units of boys 20 maybe and nob with power claw and 2 big shootas in each unit

anything spare i would spend on a buggy with rokkits

ow lol nobs are the same as seargents in units of boys YES but they can also be used in units on there own (if that makes sence)

and yes i think you get 1 heavy weapon and nob upgrade in each box set (not 100%)

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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