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New Codex Ork 500 pts

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Since the new orks are coming out, I was thinking of getting the new battleforce thingy and the codex. I'm bored so I came up with this for a 500 pt army.


Ork Big Mek


5 x Tankbusta,


10 x Ork Boyz,

10 x Ork Boyz

1 x Ork Trukk

Fast Attack

3 x Ork Warbikerz

Simple really, just the battleforce and tankbustas and a Big Mek. Not sure of the point values, so if someone could help me out.
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well at 500 points they will probably be at most 1-2 tanks.
maybe tank busters are not the best choice, instead something that can kill tanks but can also kill meq a little better.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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