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New Chaos plastics anyone?

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Here you go folks. Someone on Warseer was brave enough to post them and I am certainly willing to spread the wealth lol

Chaos Marines Extras

Chaos Marines

Chaos Lord with jumppack

Chaos Plastic Terminator Lord

Chaos Terminators

Huron Blackheart

Khorne Lord

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Yeah that works, looks like i'm now doing new eldar, tau and chaos armies, best ring the bank manager :roll: .
I am fully planning on using the Khorne Lord model for my Berzerker champ. All the way man.
It all looks great!!!!!!! Just a shame I cant do alpha legion anymore..... :cry:
Ah do not be upset Mr Hill. You'll get your LAtD troops back next april/june when the (supposed) Codex:Daemons comes out with all the rules for traitor guard etc!

MarzM :mrgreen:

P.S. Welcome to H.O.L. mate.
Really :) I hope so and thanks I managed to get on the site at long last!
I really like these, especially the Termie Lord (which I'll surely be getting) and the Posessed who seem to have gone from worthless to priceless.
Heck I like all of them and for the first time in my gaming career I'm tempted to start a 40K army. (Not a good thing for my wallet. :( )

Cheers, Wolfie
Hey guys, just found this one after searching a bit. I'm really looking forward tho these which is a first time experience considering it's 40K. :D
It's even worth a double post.
Painted Termie Lord:

Cheers, Wolfie
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WoW :shock: thats pretty damn nice, paint job and model
He looks rather too much like Abbadon to me. I think it's the skull poles.

Edit: It's a very nice miniature, don't get me wrong, but I look at it and see an Abaddon variant.
The pose, his right leg and fact he's go a bare head will also go someway towards it, but still it is a very nice mini. Where's the mop I've been drooling again.
cccp_one said:
*gives wolfie odd look*

that was well worth a double post. is that the new termie lord?
Why the odd look? :?
And yes, that is the new termie lord. :D The only thing I don't like about him is the fact that they've painted him in Nurgle colours, while there is in fact no sign whatsoever of any didease or bloated body part. :D Meh, gonna have to sculpt it myself then. :) (as if...)

Cheers, Wolfie
i'm reckoning on def picking up the mega army box on release...
When will they be released?

Cheers, Wolfie
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