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New Chaos plastics anyone?

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Here you go folks. Someone on Warseer was brave enough to post them and I am certainly willing to spread the wealth lol

Chaos Marines Extras

Chaos Marines

Chaos Lord with jumppack

Chaos Plastic Terminator Lord

Chaos Terminators

Huron Blackheart

Khorne Lord

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Oh...ma...gawd *squeels like a little school girl*...now that we have shared that...special...moment, holy friggen shit this stuff looks awsome, wow the possesed look great! a much needed face lift, maybe people will actually use them again!...well the actually possesed models, the new chaos space marine sprew looks pretty badass too, any word on a regular lord though?
WoW :shock: thats pretty damn nice, paint job and model
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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