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New Chaos List Vs. Blood Angels

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Alright, yesterday I played my Chaos army at the Store I go too, I did well in the first game, boarding an Ork player with my Slaneesh units and Thousand Sons. The next game I fought our resident Blood Angels player, that runs Mephiston in a 1000 point army. We fought in a city scape, and he hid his Devastator(with Sigmun) and Vindicator behind Ruins and blasted my army apart as Mephiston butchered my Thousand Son, I gave up after the third turn after losing all but three of my noise marines.

I also watched my friend who also plays Chaos get mauled by an Ork army who managed to overrun his power armor saves with mass numbers.

I realized that I had nothing to deal with Mephiston and his 2+ save, and his I7 made him faster than any of my units in my list or army for that matter. I had even less to deal with the Vindicator(Which hid behind the ruins the whole game). And that I had much less to deal with a Horde army like the one my friend faced(88 models worth of ork in a 1000 point game).

I'm a fan of Alpha Legion, so I tried to make this army even more mobile(I dropped my Raptors in favor of Chosen), and I added in a LC and Predator to help me in my tank hunting.

HQ-Huron Blackheart-170
(He might be popped out for a Lash Sorcerer, but I have a personal hate of Lash)

Elites-Chosen-180 (Five Models)
2 Flamers, 3 Meltas

Troops-CSM-265 (Ten Models)
1 Meltagun, 1 Lascannon, 1 Icon Chaos Glory
Champion, Power fist

Troops-Khorne Berzerker-279 (Nine Models)
Skull Champion- Power Fist

Heavy Support-Predator-105
HB Sponsons, Twin Linked Bolter


I'd like to know what you guys think that could help me improve upon this list, This will be my first time running Zerkers, so any tips on them would also be appreciated.
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I like how Chaos players are dropping one of our codex's most significant advantages over other codex's simply because ppl call cheese and dont like it. well, we do the same to SW codex yet i dont see them dropping their JoTWW Rune priests and ML long fang spams and other absurdly powered builds. We chaos always get the bad side of things. :p

but back to topic, Mephiston can be dealt with easily with a muiltitude of counters such as plasma guns, power weapons, Daemon prince, Kharn, Anything with a high strength and low ap such as 1 or 2 like Melta or Lascannon or plasma. Dreads do very well against him too.

To fight Orks- get lots of chosen with flamers and regular marine squads or Khorne berserkers who excel at dealing with hordes with the amount of high strength and plenty of attacks they have plus their space marine saves. ( note: good job on giving berserkers a champ with Powerfist but you may want to give their rhino daemonic possession instead of extra armor) Noise marines do very well also if you give them Sonic blasters cause Sonic blasters count as assault 2 which means u can constantly keep moving away while firing full range and both shots. watch as those orks get mowed down without getting anywhere near your guys. :D thousand sons are pointless against assault heavy armies and for their points are not good to get dragged into a prolonged melee fight. (plus the sorc is very expensive for a single model)

also dont underestimate the raptors. they are very good at tank hunting with their two melta guns and 12 inch moves. they can easily get in range to get those pesky transports or tanks rear armor.

Also no need for Icon of Chaos Glory since your guy's use the champs Ld which is 10 so it will hardly fail. and you dont waste points that can be put elsewhere.
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