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Hey all,

I have just started playing WarHam40k with a couple of friends up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Since there is very little to do in this city it is well known as Deadmonton! So I chose the chaos deamons for my army as they look completly different, and their close combat is near unstoppable! I am very eager to build many models!

Just bought my first units two weeks ago, Masque lady for HQ, 10 Bloodletters, and 10 Deamonettes to fill out my troops. Finished painting them for the first game on Sunday.

This game was awesome, we probably got a lot to learn but when I caught a full 10 mini necron warrior unit covered by their lord out in the open with my 8 letters and 5 deamonettes I wiped all but 4 warriors. He was unable to bring back his lord due to a low roll and all the letter kills were with power weapons so he went way below his 25% and those necrons disappeared without a trace! I cantr wait to play my other friends space marines. I don`t think that I`m going to catch anyone else in the open anymore!

Sofar I`ve bolstered my army with my fisrt of many deamon princes. This one I am pretty sure is going to be a spellcaster so the god of Tzeentch he will pray!

I cant wait to find more people who play and learn as much as I can!

Also the name Mozop comes from my gamertag when I used to play Halo 2. I would always be mop cause I`m always making bloody messes to clean up when I play. One time by accident i put in moz(the z key was right below the p key so instead of deleting it I added the`-op- and a great name was born.

Thanks for taking the time to find out a little about me!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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