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New Chaos Codex: Improvement or Abomination?

New Chaos Codex Poll

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I'm going to be interesred in how many folks dig it, and how many hate it.

A lot of folks are bitching about it, a lot are saying they dig it.

I want to see some numbers on this!
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The way I see it, Chaos Space marines were WAY WAYYY overpowered and needed a leash in order to be at least remotely balanced with the other armies.

What I don't care for is the overwhelming generic'ism of the Chaos Legions and Daemons, but at least it's at least somewhat balanced in comparison to Space Marines.

In this version: Daemons are daemons, whatever you call them, nurglings, bloodletters, daemonettes...they are just minor daemons now. Bloodthirsters, Lord of Change, etc...just a major Daemon now.

Plague Marines, Thousand Sons, Berserkers, Noise Marines...all simply troop choices now.

I dunno. I think it screws up people wanting to make a pure Death Guard Army or Wold Eaters, or Word Bearers army a bit...but then...it doesn't.

Take your Plague Marines as troop choices, take your HQ and model him up as a nurgle guy, take possessed nurgle-looking guys and nurglings (lesser daemons) and you have a Death Guard force...and you get more choices now for Fast Attack and Heavies too.
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firewolf said:
>> Have i missed something? Has the dex been realesed, or are you lot bought it at games day or summit? Not all have the book, so im just going to com plain about how unfair, and cruel, and shitty and etc etc etc. you lot are. :x
Actually we all got copies as part of a super-secret sect that you aren't a part of. Unfortunately you have to wait until october for it. Sorry.


Just Joking.
Hey i noticed that. Is this really what it looks like? Can our guys fire their bolters from 24" away if they dont move...then 2 turns later fire bolt pistols and charge into cc with 3 attacks (1 + 2ccw + charge)?
Yup, exactly.
Honestly, it can be argued that regular SM can add a pistol and CCW and do the same (in most cases a pistol and CCW are considered additions instead of replacements). But that is an argument for another thread.
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