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New Chaos Codex: Improvement or Abomination?

New Chaos Codex Poll

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I'm going to be interesred in how many folks dig it, and how many hate it.

A lot of folks are bitching about it, a lot are saying they dig it.

I want to see some numbers on this!
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I like some parts of the book, and really hate others!

Like SoH, i don't like the fact that they have moved away from the fluff. I agree, no, Khorne and Slannesh or Nurgle and Tzeench should not work together.

What GW has done is leave it up to the players (never a good idea) to deside how to balance the army. The Lash power is laughable and will be abused at every opportunity! lol. Arhiman is SSSSSOOOOOOO expencive, but i so would! He's the daddy!

I want to know if turdo boosting would give a Tzeench guy a 2+ invu save?

I like the Defiler now, and the inclusion of the Vindicator (see lash of submission).

I think that the Nurgle Daemon weapon sucks but all the rest are fairly cool! The Slaanesh one is a bit harsh tho!

I dont like the Greater Daemons and lesser daemons things. Tho, horrors have technically got better! lol

I think some of the combos will funny, Tzeench biker army for example.

MarzM :mrgreen:
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1 - 1 of 97 Posts
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