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New Chaos Codex: Improvement or Abomination?

New Chaos Codex Poll

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I'm going to be interesred in how many folks dig it, and how many hate it.

A lot of folks are bitching about it, a lot are saying they dig it.

I want to see some numbers on this!
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Heh, I am already starting to see the cries of cheese and the book isn't even out yet. Apparently the Lash of Submission is cheese, AP3 bolters are cheese, mixing marks and icons is cheese.... it never ends.
From a guard players perspective the list is awesome.

Lash of Submission is worthless as are AP3 Bolters.

Thanks GW!

(Watch me get owned by the first new dex chaos list I play...)
Lash of Submission is worthless as are AP3 Bolters.

Uh are you kidding?
Versus Guard yes they are worthless.

Since Blood Angels have been shafted I doubt i'll be using power armour again.
Your uber CC units would get smashed by a squad of rough riders...

I don't think you can argue the strength of an army on one item of wargear.

To use it you need to a) be in sight and b) be within 24 inches. Meaning you're in for a shitty turn of incoming fire and your troops have entered rough rider assault range.

As far as i'm concerned chaos have been weakened and Iron Warriors rightly scrapped. Meaning my Guard are a more viable GT option. Although there are probably several powergaming exploits that haven't been discovered yet.
Prince deepstrikes and pushes rough riders into the open. Second prince pulls a squad close enough to be assaulted and shaped so that beserkers can only kill 1 model. Rough riders get hosed down, platoon gets charged by beserkers. Beserkers kill all of squad in your combat phase and consolidate forward. Beserkers continue forward into assault range of another squad. Lash pulls another squad close enough for beserkers to consolidate into. Beserkers charge, wipe out unit and consolidate. Suddenly things look very grim the guard. Etc, etc, etc.
How many points/turns are you going to spend dealing with 3 55 point rough rider squads?

All the time 12 Lascannons, 3 Ordnance Blasts and a shed load of plasma (3 deep striking plasma vet squads) are having their way with the rest of your force.

It's a nasty weapon for sure, but in the scenario you've explained the rough riders have served their purpose pretty well.

It'd rather face the army you describe than a 9 oblit Iron Warriors list any day.
What about the 9 oblit double lash prince list???
I'd take that over the uber khorne prince, bloodthirster, defiler, 3 oblit list you took to the GT. 9 oblits means no other heavy support right?

In fact i'd rather two lashes than 2 sirens....

If it comes to it and turns out i've underestimated the use of the lash i'll take an Inquisitor Lord with a psychic hood and a callidus assassain to give me the edge.

Obviously I don't have the knowledge or experience of you guys.

If it comes down to people abusing one badly thought out item at every GT I think i'll give it a miss.

Play testing will tell.
1 - 5 of 97 Posts
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