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New Chaos Codex: Improvement or Abomination?

New Chaos Codex Poll

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I'm going to be interesred in how many folks dig it, and how many hate it.

A lot of folks are bitching about it, a lot are saying they dig it.

I want to see some numbers on this!
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>> Have i missed something? Has the dex been realesed, or are you lot bought it at games day or summit? Not all have the book, so im just going to com plain about how unfair, and cruel, and shitty and etc etc etc. you lot are. :x
>> I have read the new dex. And yes, some parts of it suck, like making people have to think about how they going to make a legion from the list! The only thing that really bursts me is the way the wargear list has been cut away so that there is no gifts, vehicular upgrades and all. But in general I think its a pretty good dex. The nerfing was gonna happen, the bitchin was gonna happen. All I gonna do is work wi the dex, and make do with what I got, cos no amount of moaning is gonna change the dex.
1 - 2 of 97 Posts
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