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New Chaos Codex: Improvement or Abomination?

New Chaos Codex Poll

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I'm going to be interesred in how many folks dig it, and how many hate it.

A lot of folks are bitching about it, a lot are saying they dig it.

I want to see some numbers on this!
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I like it quite a bit actually. Only the Possessed seem pointless (with other units being cheaper and more effective for less points) so far and there is now a reason to take everything in the book. I am also HUGELY glad to be rid of the ancient enemies rules as I never did like the idea that I couldn't take a full mix of units in all parts of the FOC.

Oh and my Thousand Sons kick ass again. 'Nuff said :D
Heh, I am already starting to see the cries of cheese and the book isn't even out yet. Apparently the Lash of Submission is cheese, AP3 bolters are cheese, mixing marks and icons is cheese.... it never ends.
Lash of Submission is worthless as are AP3 Bolters.
Uh are you kidding?

I want to know if turdo boosting would give a Tzeench guy a 2+ invu save?
Yes, yes it would :)
I dunno about that Jez. With Lash I can force one of your heavy weapons squads to move behind cover at the very least, forcing you to spend a turn moving back into position. Or I can bring a full unit closer to my uber cc units and such. AP3 bolters don't do much good true but they are still awesome vs MEQs.
Your uber CC units would get smashed by a squad of rough riders..
Unfortunately Rough Riders are very easy to deal with if movement and shooting is done right. I have been charged very few times by them and when they don't charge, they don't get to use the lances they have. Never mind Stomps example, which is a good one no doubt, I can use lash to pull the RR's out in to the open and all base to base which can be targetted by a Defiler and a Vindicator, wiping out the squad.

I think Guard is a viable GT list now actually, provided the list is well thought out and in the hands of a skilled player.
Freakin invul saves on every character
Hehe, my Thousand Sons list has that on the entire army :twisted:

Overall, I am diggin it as well. Still not sold on the Vindicator yet and Possessed don't seem to be worth the points (especially compared to the cheap terminators) but overall it is a good codex imho.
Rumours are that there will be expanded Legion rules in the daemonic codex coming out next year. GW has said, hell Gav said it to me personally, that they wanted this book to focus more on renegades than the full legions. Wait and see :)
It was essentially free stuff to make your army just that little bit better than a normal chaos army for little to, predominantly, no drawback.
Heh, I think Thousand Sons players may disagree with you on that on :mrgreen:
I do not fear the new Dex with my IG, or my Mech Eldar, or my Bugs
That's because you haven't gone up against a properly built army yet lol.
They did nerf daemons in the new dex but I really don't have much of a problem with that. It is after all Codex: Chaos Space Marines and not Codex: Chaos Forces. Limiting the daemons puts more focus on the marines while still allowing you to field the daemons if you wish. Perhaps not the best solution but I wouldn't say the entire codex sucks because of it.

On a side note, please don't post full stats and/or item costs as GW takes exception to that and we have no wish to be shut down.
Once the codex becomes available to people, most likely.
There are specific failings in the new book. Lash is a very obvious one and it’s hard to see how it could have got through playtesting.
Same way psychic hoods made it through :p

I don’t think it’s as much fun to read the book and make armies with the new codex, but I think that the armies it makes are better and the games you end up playing are more fun. For me, the game experience is the most important thing, so I think that the new book is better.
Full agreement. The fluff may not be as prevalent but the lists you can make are much more varied and fun to use imho.
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