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Huzzah! i can remember way back when...when i stumbled across the first "Realms of Chaos" books to come out...to my young eyes, it was the coolest thing i had ever seen...i wanted so much to play but between me not being able to afford it and not knowing anyone else who played it...the dream faded into the occasional recognition of the "game i never got to play" in stores and malls and run-in's as i was still an avid PnP RPG'er...fast forward 20 years or so (ouch) and look what we have here...im finaly playing!!..and havin a f'n blast!

Greetings to Heresy-Online! im new to the sport and hobby of the greatest tabletop game to ever be created and i am not ashamed! i may not know much about squat now but in time, and with the help of this great site, i will become a master of my armies and a skilled hobbyist...cheers!


...Main Army : Necrons
...current projects : Necrons; Death Guard; Khorne Army; "Terraining" a table for Cities of Death
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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