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New Asta Miltitarium Army - Need Help with Color scheme

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Coming back to 40K after about 10 years of being in active, and found out that 10th ed is coming.

Making a new New Asta Miltitarium Army and need a little help with color scheme.

Background: A quarter of an Schola/Aqui(Farms) world that was infected by some race(Xenos, Genesteeler), and with the high count of the Death(25 % population), the original blue clear lakes are teaming red from blood. The green fields are a burnt/rotten brown. Once lush hunting hills and mountains are large piles of rubble due to bombard blasts. The cities and factories are teaming with black smoke from the constant burning of bodies. The once proud grey and gold uniforms are considered a past relic.

So how would you color a Guard Uniform(Cadian Shock Troops) that would match this style.

The closest I get is black armor(should pads and helmet), grey coats, dark red pants, and everything brown, but it look a ugly blended mess. (Sorry no pictures yet).
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